School administration software for the next generation.

From preschool to high school, HeadMaster stores all your information in the cloud and equips your staff, parents, and older students to get to whatever they need any time.

Every Student is Unique

Track all kinds of details about the students in your school.

HeadMaster gives you the flexibility to track any amount of student, family, academic, enrollment, and billing information necessary to run your school.

Track Details Like:

  • Student Profiles
  • Fully Integrated Online Grade Book
  • Tuition and Billing Management
  • Multiple Household Addresses
  • Grade and Progress Reports
  • Automated Student Promotion
  • Complete Immunization Records
  • Record Absences and Tardiness
  • Keyboard or Card Scan Check-in
  • Allergy Details & Emergency Contacts
  • Standardized Tests
  • Authorized Pick-up Lists
  • Class and School Announcements
  • Skills Tracking and Reporting
  • Powerful Search Capabilities
  • Class Schedules & Curriculum Planning
  • Report Cards
  • Over 120 Customizable Reports
  • Staff, Teach, Parent, Student Logins
  • Permanent Records & Transcripts
  • Unlimited Custom Fields

Securely stored in the cloud for convenient access.

HeadMaster stores all of your information safely in the cloud behind a private, staff-only login so you can conveniently perform your administrative tasks anywhere.

Quickly view important information at a glance.

All of a student’s information is located in one place. On a single screen, you can access all of the included or custom data connected to a student’s profile.

Quickly view important information at a glance
Produce any number of customizable reports

Produce any number of customizable reports.

Easily view and print over 120 built-in reports or use HeadMaster’s powerful search, filter, and sort options to customize your reports. You can also export data to use in Microsoft® Excel®.

Give students a free mobile app to keep them informed.

Enable your older students to check homework assignments, schedules, and grades online from the convenience of their iPhone or Android device.

Add Extra Value to Parents

Provide secure logins to an interactive parent portal.

Give parents the ability to go online and see their student's grades, assignments, tuition balances, behavioral notes, attendance, and more.

Expand your options for communicating with families.

Send customized email and mailed messages, post class or school announcements online, and give parents direct access to staff directories and email addresses.

Engage parents in the education of their children.

Give parents the ability to view each of their student’s homework assignments, grades, behavioral notes, class schedules, attendance, and school calendar.

Engage parents in the education of their children
Give parents the ability to make payments online

Give parents the ability to make payments online.

Parents can sign in to see their outstanding tuition and lunch balances and make secure payments while online or from the mobile app.

The mobile app is included at no additional cost.

HeadMaster Mobile is a free iPhone and Android app that gives parents and students instant access to information via a mobile device or tablet at no additional charge.

Manage Class Details

Set class schedules to fit your school’s approach.

HeadMaster fits traditional and block scheduling preferences and includes a tool to help you quickly schedule multiple students into multiple classes at one time.

Track attendance, tardiness, and unexcused absences.

Record both daily school attendance and class period attendance with the class attendance assistant or by the interactive seating chart. Attendance gets posted to the parent portal.

Use check-in to monitor student activity in and out.

HeadMaster’s intelligent check-in system tracks time-stamped attendance details you can use to produce accurate billing, staff payroll, and student attendance reports.

Use check-in to monitor student activity in and out

Grading Flexibility and Control

Simplify the tasks your teachers face every day.

HeadMaster enables you to create multiple grading scales and grading periods and equips your teachers to plan out their lessons and enter grades with ease.

Lesson Plans

Teachers can create lesson plans for each of the subjects they teach and publish homework plans to the parent portal.

Skill Evaluations

Customize the skills and skill grade codes to match your current grading system and apply skill grades to each student.


Track positive and negative behavior per student using merits and demerits. You can also setup you own codes and consequences.

Grading Periods

Define different grading periods per age group and lock past grading periods so no other grades can be added or changed.

Report Cards

Enter grades for assignments, skills, and classes into an electronic grade book. Omit specific grades, drop lowest scores, and more.

Permanent Records

After each grading period, grades can be locked into a student’s permanent record. Easily generate transcripts any time.

Billing Included

Tuition Billing

Tuition Billing

Track various tuition rates, fees, and discounts according to different frequencies. Generate invoices, post payments, and give parents the ability to see consolidated family balances and make payments online.

Lunch Program

Lunch Program

Turbo-charge your lunch program by enabling teachers to enter orders from the classroom, providing summary reports to cafeteria staff, and giving parents the ability to order and pay online.

Add-on Services

Accounting Software

Accounting Software

In addition to billing, we provide a full fund accounting system that integrates with HeadMaster. By connecting accounting with student information, you can link tuition payments directly to General Ledger and calculate payroll based on time logs.

Online Campus

Online Campus

Eliminates the location and time limitations to learning. Solomon Learning Management System is a cloud-based solution for offering online learning to students. It’s easy to use, provides rapid course deployment, and is mobile friendly.

SMS Text Messaging

SMS Text Messaging

Modernize the way you communicate by using SchoolCast. Easily send important voice, email, or text messages to parents, faculty, and specific groups like sports teams and clubs.

Library Manager

Library Manager

Use our partner’s efficient library management system to track your inventory, print asset tracking labels, and manage the process of checking out and returning books.

Donation Tracking

Donation Tracking

Keep your donation information in sync with your family contact information and record contributions directly into your accounting system when bundled with ACS Financials.

Staff Background Checks

Staff Background Checks

Run prospective staff or volunteer background checks directly from HeadMaster. This is an additional service offered by Verified First, one of our partners.

Going Beyond the Software


We provide all the training you need to empower your staff and faculty to make the most of HeadMaster.


We’re here to help and offer multiple support options included your monthly subscription.

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