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Mobile First

Go and Grow Real Ministry
By Putting Mobile First

It’s time to go mobile with your ministry.

If you haven’t really thought about how to build community, grow groups, optimize giving, and interact with your people through their smartphones, now is the time to reach and connect with people right where they are, in real time.

People are using their phones to look up information, make plans, pay bills, and communicate more than ever. If your church doesn’t have a mobile strategy, you’re really missing out on huge ministry opportunities.

We’ve created a free guide to help your church experience the possibilities presented by becoming a mobile-ready church. And how you can easily unleash the power of connection. Realm, a fresh new ministry solution that combines church administration, accounting, and community all in one easy-to-use tool, is totally mobile! It goes where your staff goes and where your congregation goes, so you can do ministry anytime and anywhere.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why going mobile with ministry matters to your people
  • Statistics and insights about how people are using smartphones
  • How to do more ministry through mobile devices
  • An easy way to set up and use a mobile app for your church
  • A solution to connect, communicate, and coordinate your entire church

Getting a mobile app and doing more ministry by reaching people wherever they are is easier than you think. Let us show you how. With the help of Realm’s Connect App – you can have your church community in the palm of your hand.

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learn how Realm can take your
ministry mobile.


Turn Attendees into Disciples

Making disciples is every church’s top goal.

But trying to make disciples and develop followers of Christ without a plan and system in place is like taking a road trip without a roadmap.

Don’t get lost! Your church needs a clear plan and a defined path that moves people along, step by step, to becoming lifelong disciples. Casting vision and setting goals are important. But mobilizing people with tangible next steps so they are prepared to go – and keep going – in the right direction is where the rubber meets the road.

You need step-by-step processes and a discipleship plan to keep people moving forward. That’s where Realm comes in. By placing attendees in a clearly defined (and customizable) pathway, Realm gives you the ability to purposefully guide them towards next steps to becoming a disciple of Christ. You always know exactly where people are in their journey, making it easy for you to keep them moving forward and maturing in their faith.

Our free guide will show you how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Create discipleship pathways with custom next-steps for people to take
  • Develop the four essential “C’s” of discipleship that every plan needs
  • Set up a software support system to ensure success
  • Establish a personalized plan that shows people where they are in the process
  • Make disciples by tracking their progress as they learn to follow Christ!

You’re called to “Go and make disciples.” Learn how Realm can help you make it happen, one step at a time.

Download our free guide for discipleship ideas and advice, plus how Realm can help you engage, track, and measure each step.


Make Space For
Multicultural Ministry

Although we are in the 21st century, the term
‘multicultural ministry’ tends to be an elusive trait

Most churches remain somewhat segregated to this day. Only 14 percent are considered racially diverse, according to The Faith Communities Today survey, which defines a church as multicultural if at least 20 percent of worshipers are of a different race from the majority of the congregation.

We know that race and culture may divide communities here on earth, but there is no place for it when we enter the unity of the heavenly realm.

If our prayer is to be “Let your Kingdom come on earth as is it in heaven” then our efforts should be to experience multicultural ministry together, here and now.

While most churches and church leaders don’t intentionally avoid diversity, many aren’t intentionally creating space for multicultural ministry.

We’ve created a free guide that reveals five essential pillars upon which your church can create a flourishing multicultural ministry. Download your copy today!

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The Building Blocks of Systems

Workflows are a great way to piece together
a system based on the ways you do things
uniquely at your church.

They should be simple enough for anyone to follow, but thorough enough to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Once crafted, workflows can be structured to inform, educate, and follow through with all the things that matter to your church.

To help your church make the most of ministry, we’ve taken the 7 most commonly needed workflows of any church and created ready-to-use templates.

Each template contains:

  • Boilerplate language to help your team understand why it matters
  • A brief list of items you’ll need
  • A checklist to walk people through a process
  • An expected outcome to gauge success

We hope these workflows – once customized to your context – free up your staff and volunteers to do more ministry, do it better, and function in the confidence of knowing you’re backed by some pretty sound, time-tested systems.

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Creating a Culture
Of Generosity

Creating a culture is no easy task.

A culture is a way of doing things that infiltrates every area of the organization or people.

Basically, it’s who you are.

In fact, to do it arbitrarily is impossible. It’s more influenced, grown, and matured than created. But you have to start somewhere right?

We’ve created a free guide to help your church see the great benefits and unmatched growth in giving and serving that results when people fully adopt generous hearts.

Getting people to give is nice. Developing generous hearts is better.

Your church can experience generosity as away of life, 24/7.

The key to ongoing, increasing, and unfettered contributions to your ministry is found not in the next gimmick, campaign, or “drive”. It’s found in cultivating a healthy culture by developing healthy people who have generosity firmly rooted in their hearts and minds.

This guide will show you how.

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10 Sure Signs Your Church
is Behind the Times

For believers in Christ, the Church
is not a building, it is people.

There’s nothing more significant in our lifetime than to be a part of a spiritual movement that recalibrates and redefines the status quo of our culture. When this happens, the church can play a pivotal role in spreading the Gospel, making disciples and influencing the different areas of society that will make a significant impact in the 21st century.

To achieve this significant impact, churches and leaders must leverage the available technology, tools, and techniques that enable becoming “all things to all people” so that by some means you “might reach more”.

If your church wants to step into the modern age there are a few things it will need to master. This free guide reveals the practical steps your church should take to keep up with an ever-changing culture.

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Manage Your Data Better
For a Healthier Church

The most important resource for a church
is the information it collects regarding
its members, visitors, and operations.

When used to its full potential, church data has the power to measure the health of your church and motivate action. But you must have the right tools and a plan to properly capture and track data, and then define next steps for your members.

Posting attendance is important. But what do you do with that information? Check-in is crucial for security, but how are you using that data? eGiving has great potential to grow giving in your ministry. But is it integrated with your ChMS?

With Realm, a new approach to church management software, you see real data in real time. You can see who is involved in what, when they attended, and then give them next steps so they can grow in their discipleship journey. Checking in kids, teens, or adults to events or Sunday morning activities? Realm automatically posts attendance as you check people in. And eGiving seamlessly integrates with Realm, making it so much easier on your staff Monday morning.

Check out our free guide to learn how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Get a quick snapshot of church activity using Realm Dashboards
  • Gauge the health of your church
  • Visualize your information with custom views and reports
  • Take action, right from within the data
  • Get your members and visitors engaged and moving forward

Download our free solution guide to see how Realm can help you make the most of your church’s data.


6 Reasons People
are Leaving Your Church

Close the backdoor, once and for all.

You know that feeling you get when a church member asks you about so-and-so who was attending for a few months but who hasn’t been around in a while? Come on, you know. Your stomach drops, you gear up to act like it’s no big deal, and your mind races for an excuse; but on the inside, you’re feeling defeated, dejected, and down.

Stop that feeling and stop the bleeding. No matter how great your church is, you’ll always have people leave. But when they leave for no good reason (that you know of) you’re left to simply assume that your church, your message, your worship, your connections just aren’t good enough. But that’s not entirely true. There is something you can do!

Our free guide reveals the top 6 reasons people are leaving your church, and how you can put things in place to turn things around.

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7 Things Every
Church Wants

Download 7 Things All Churches Want for FREE!

Most churches want the same things. More growth, more depth, more community, more discipleship, more ministry. But how do you make it a reality?

In this guide, you’ll discover the 7 things every church wants and needs to flourish in ministry, to be impactful in their community, and to make lifelong disciples.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get people to show up
  • How to give them a great experience
  • How to keep them coming back
  • How to get them involved
  • And more

Plus, you’ll learn how Realm, a fresh new approach to church software, can help you do all of it and more.

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3 Reasons People Will
Give to Your Church

There are so many ways for churches like yours
to fully fund their ministries.

Giving in many churches across the country is on the decline. Younger generations are giving less than their predecessors. And many churches are struggling to raise the funds required for building the Church and reaching people for Christ. But the good news is, there are ways to grow giving in your ministry, and it’s not as hard as you might think. You just need the right tools and a plan, and you’re on your way!

That’s why we’ve created a free guide to help you understand the real reasons why people will become, and continue to be, increasingly faithful contributors to your church. Plus, you’ll discover how Realm® – a new approach to church management software – seamlessly integrates with eGiving, making things easier on your staff and convenient (and secure) for your donors.

In this guide, you’ll learn how, with Realm’s help, you can:

  • Lay a foundation for faithful giving
  • Help people know how and why to give
  • Share the mission of your church to increase giving
  • Make giving at your church easier than ever before
  • Use tools and methods to cultivate, communicate, and continue with giving

Plus, learn how our expert eGiving Coaches™ walk alongside your ministry to help you use solutions like online, mobile, text, and kiosk giving to their maximum potential!

Download our free guide to
learn how.