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Blog » 5 Words of Wisdom to Ministers on Father’s Day

5 Words of Wisdom to Ministers on Father’s Day

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The month of June is exciting for most families because it represents for many the end of school, summer break, and hopefully some well-deserved time of family vacation. However, perhaps even more important is the third Sunday of the month, which is a day celebrated and known as Father’s Day. For most ministers, it is an opportunity to preach about the duties of being a good father. While it is extremely valuable to teach God’s principles on being a Godly dad, sometimes ministers miss what God many be teaching them personally as they lead their own kids. Here are 5 words of wisdom that should cut straight to a pastor’s heart:

1) Time: A minister’s kid needs to know and feel that he/she is more important than your job. Unfortunately, you can’t fake this at all. You either spend the quality time with your children or you don’t.
2) Authenticity: A minister’s kid needs to see that who you are in the privacy of your home with your family is who you are at church. Oftentimes confusion sets in when children see a disconnect when a minister acts like a social chameleon.
3) Balance: The life of a minister is full of pressure. There are many people and things pulling at you. Try to seek that balance that comes from the Lord and remember at the end of the day, your one goal is to please Him.
4) Discipline: There is only so much time in the day and there is only so much of you to go around. Prioritize and work hard to accomplish the tasks and goals to be successful. Without discipline and hard work, some areas of your life will suffer.
5) Love of their mother: There is nothing more comforting to children than to see a father love their mother. That sense of security is important to them. Great fathers usually live a life of unconditional love to their wives that bonds and strengthens the family in a unique way.

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