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Introducing MP eGiving: The Top Integrated Giving Solution for MinistryPlatform

While MinistryPlatform integrates with a number of giving solutions, we’ve heard many of you loud and clear as you voiced your challenges and needs when it comes to a better integrated giving solution. We’re excited to bring you MP eGiving

A few benefits you can expect from MP eGiving are:

  • Automatic real-time donations in MinistryPlatform
  • Custom giving forms and text keywords to better match your ministry’s brand
  • A streamlined giving experience for your contributors
  • Less concern with losing recurring donors with a tool to help you communicate and track their migration to MP eGiving
  • An improved process for tracking event payments 
  • Contact the same team you contact today when you need MP support

MP eGiving is an ACS Technologies giving solution with many of the same functionalities as Realm eGiving. MP eGiving starts with a merchant account from Vanco. Once you’ve completed that and your merchant account is live, you can start using MP eGiving. As an integrated solution, you can add MP eGiving as an API Client within the Platform. Keep reading to learn more.

Automatic Real-Time Donations

With the integration with MinistryPlatform, donations are automatically passed to the Platform in real-time. Sync stats in MP eGiving show you if a donation couldn’t be sent to the Platform and allow you to resync those donations. 

Custom Giving Forms and Text Keywords

In MP eGiving, you can build custom giving forms (as many as you’d like!) with your brand’s colors and your preferred image. Choose which funds you want to show on each form and change these as often as you’d like to add seasonal or one-time funds. You set your main text giving keyword, but you can choose text keywords for other forms you create, such as FBCMISSIONS for your missions giving form or UMCKIDS for your children’s ministry giving form. 

Streamlined Giving Experience

MP eGiving provides a smooth giving experience for your contributors. You can embed your giving form on your website or use Widgets to allow your contributors to give as guests or log in, view their giving history, and manage their payment methods. Your contributors can also use their MinistryPlatform login credentials to sign in to MP eGiving. If you’re using a PocketPlatform custom mobile app, your contributors will see the same giving form as they complete the donation process through the app. Text givers will also see that same giving form once they start the donation process via text, providing a streamlined experience whether they are giving through text, online, or through the PocketPlatform mobile app.

Smooth Migration for Recurring Givers

We know recurring givers are a concern when moving to a new giving solution. MP eGiving includes the Recurring Givers Migration Tool, which equips you to track your recurring givers to ensure a smooth migration process. You start with a CSV file of your current recurring givers from your old giving solution. Once that list is imported into MP eGiving, you can manually migrate their gifts to MP eGiving (with their consent) and track your progress along the way. The dashboard will show you the status of each migration and allow you to see details about those gifts. 

Improved Event Payments

You can offer event payments through your Event Widget using MP eGiving. Simply create a Fund in MP eGiving that links to your Program in the Platform. Registrants will see an event form pre-populated from MP eGiving with event cost. Once they complete the payment form, you’ll see a Paid in Full Invoice under Products & Payments in the Platform as well as a Payment in MP eGiving. The payments grid in MP eGiving makes it easy for you to see what payments are processing and what payments have been deposited to your church’s bank account. Your registrant has a smooth experience paying for the event, and you have a simple way of tracking event payments in the Platform. You can also issue refunds or void payments in MP eGiving as needed.

Are you a Catholic Diocese with multiple parishes in your database?

MP eGiving will be ready for you soon! Our awesome dev team is working to build what you need to know so you can identify which collections belong to which parish. Stay tuned to our release notes, or talk to your ACST Catholic ministry consultant at 1-800-736-7425 opt 1 to find out when you can start using MP eGiving.

More still to come…

As with all of our ACS Technologies solutions, we are continuing to develop them based on ministry needs and feedback. Here are a few things you can look forward to soon in MP eGiving:

  • Greater control over the look of giving receipts
  • User reconciliation to better align MP eGiving and MinistryPlatform contact databases
  • More giving options in PocketPlatform before the contributor is pushed to the giving form in their mobile browser
  • Recurring giver migration process for those moving from Vanco Online to MP eGiving

Interested in MP eGiving? Watch our recorded webinar to see more about MP eGiving and how it integrates with MinistryPlatform.

Leigh Ann Ortega

Leigh Ann joined the ACST team in 2019 as a Product Marketing Manager. She oversees the launch and overall communication of key solutions to support the church’s needs. Prior to joining ACST, she spent several years in communications and graphic design roles, most notably as a Communications Director for a large church in Florence, SC, where she leveraged Realm to help solve key ministry challenges.