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Blog » 8 Things the Coronavirus Has Made Me Thankful For

8 Things the Coronavirus Has Made Me Thankful For

Pastor Appreciation During a Pandemic

While this time of shelter in place has been challenging and at times frustrating, it’s also caused me to reflect. When life slammed on the brakes in March, life became, in many ways, much quieter. Suddenly my calendar was cleared and things that just days before were important, suddenly weren’t anymore.

Lots of things in life became more clear and this time at home brought some new perspective. I want to share some things that I’m newly thankful for during this time.

8 Things the Coronavirus Has Made Me Thankful For:

  1. My office at work – Suddenly my kitchen table, my couch, or my closet has become my office. While my laptop is great, I miss the normalcy my desk brings me.
  2. My drive to work – I didn’t realize how much I enjoy that 15 minutes of time it takes me to travel to work. Apparently that’s time I used to prepare my mind for my day. I would give myself a pep talk and go over my calendar and just get centered. I really haven’t figured out how to replicate that walking from my bed and down the stairs to my kitchen table.
  3. My calendar – I used to complain about how busy life was. I do appreciate the slower pace of this time at home, but I also miss looking at my calendar and seeing all of the meetings, events, and appointments in the weeks. I hope when my calendar begins to fill up again, I’ll have this new perspective to maintain more margin. But I’m looking forward to having a schedule to look forward to!
  4. My coworkers – Yes, there were times they were on my last nerve. But I actually miss seeing their faces and hearing about their families and talking through work situations.
  5. The weekend – The days have started to run together. Now a Monday doesn’t feel much different than a Saturday. I miss the rhythm of the week and the anticipation and excitement of the approach of the weekend.
  6. My family – I’ve always been thankful for my family, but this time at home has given me a new appreciation for each of them. Absolutely, at times we grow weary of one another, but I haven’t had this much time to just sit and listen to them I get to watch them discover new things, enjoy their laughter, and spend quality time together… actually quality time.
  7. Technology – Let’s be honest, we’re all amazed and grateful for the internet right now. Technology makes it possible for many of us to work from home, communicate with teachers (Help!), visit the doctor, and even research a new recipe. This time could have been WAY more difficult if we didn’t have our current technology to keep us entertained.
  8. My faith – This has been a scary time. So much uncertainty can lead me down a path toward anxiety and fear. There’s more out of my control than in my control and I don’t do well with that. Does anyone? My faith is what has kept me anchored when I start to get overwhelmed by the uncertainties. I’m anchored by the truths that are unchanging. My God is real and in control. He’s not surprised by this and He’s walking with me through this. He has not left me and He has a plan for my good. I can trust Him because He has ALWAYS been faithful. I mean, He has an excellent track record.

Yes, this has been a crazy time and it certainly isn’t over. There are still so many things out of my control. But there have been lots of hidden blessings in the midst of all the uncertainty and change. One of them is this list of things that I now realize I’m thankful for. It actually keeps getting longer.

What about you? What are you newly thankful for during this season?

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