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Blog » A Pastor’s Practical Guide to Taking the Next Step with Discipleship

A Pastor’s Practical Guide to Taking the Next Step with Discipleship

turning attendees into disciples

When I was 14 years old, a godly woman named Cheryl took me under her wing.  We spent time together, ate a lot of ice cream, did Bible studies, and talked about a lot of serious issues stirring about in my teenage mind.  She was the youth pastor at my church, and she was abundantly intentional in her desire to bring me along in my developing faith in Jesus. Her only goal was to see me grow in relationship with Christ and understand His love for me more completely.

Not everyone has a Cheryl in their lives.  Most people who darken the doorstep of our churches today are struggling to grow in their faith on their own.  They do their best to pray, read the Word, and attend church services with regularity. However, it’s just not enough.  They need help to go deeper. They need people to come alongside them and guide them in their efforts to be a more faithful disciple.

ACS Technologies has developed a ministry guide to help pastors and other church leaders work with each individual in their church congregation to help them take the next step in their faith.  This unique ACS Technologies tool brings a strong sense of individualization to the discipleship process and gives church leaders the support they need to walk alongside and track the spiritual progress of every church member.

Churches today have a lot of excellent programs and initiatives.  The ACST Ministry Guide on Discipleship will help to ensure that people are utilizing these programs and that true life change is taking place in a systematic way.

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