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Are You a Mac Addict?

A common question posed to us on Twitter and Facebook is if our solutions are Mac-friendly. These days “church software” is no longer confined to the yard sale reject PC’s (complete with that nifty minesweeper game). ACS Technologies has to remain current with the needs of our clients and this means being compatible with other platforms. In this case, many pastors and their staff members use various Apple products so they can take their work home or to the coffee shop down the street.

As a church planter-pastor myself, I’m fully aware of the “Apple cult” that has sprung up the past few years among my ministerial colleagues.
To join all you need are black-rimmed glasses, a graphic patterned v-neck t-shirt, an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, and a somewhat elitist attitude when it comes to technology.
Bonus points are awarded if you also have the iPad for those times where you want to forgo the pretentious notion of work and just relax reading the latest controversial Christian book via your Kindle app.
No, I’m not looking into a mirror at the moment, I swear!
Other membership requirements include:
– You hang on every word that leaves Steve Jobs organic tea-stained lips. He could walk out on stage with the “iToothbrush” and you’d kiss your dentist goodbye.
– You read MacWorld for the articles.
– While at the mall with your wife, you don’t think twice ditching her to sneak into the Apple Store for your 11:00 am “Genius Bar” appointment.
– Camping is a recreational hobby, only that it’s outside of the local Best Buy.
You know who you are…
Whether Apple makes better computers than their competition can be debated, it is nonetheless a reality that our company not only faces, but addresses well. For the longest time, the perception was that Macintosh wasn’t supported by ACS Technologies. This couldn’t be further from the truth!
Meet Phil Sanders, Communications and Technology Manager at Steele Creek Church in Charlotte, NC and self-proclaimed Apple geek.
Like many other “tech guys” in churches, Phil has his hands on many different systems, programs, and is responsible for making it all work. As a user of several ACS Technologies’ solutions, he needs to be able to access information from one workstation whenever possible.
This is why he uses ACS OnDemand. Instead of just relegating the Apple products to “creative” or personal use like a lot of churches do (Mac is a four-letter word in some I.T. departments), he can now do most anything he wants! All of the ACS General Ledger and ACS People work is easily done from the comfort of his MacBook Pro.
Here Phil shows us OnDemand in action. Notice how simple it is to use!
So if you’re a “Mac Addict”, “Apple Geek”, or you just like to “Think Different”, there is hope and its name is “OnDemand.”

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