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Blog » Catholic Church Uses Online Registration to Save Time, Increase Connection

Catholic Church Uses Online Registration to Save Time, Increase Connection

holy martyrs

Founded: 1980
Location: Medina, OH

Denomination: Catholic
Staff: 9

Favorite Feature:
Event Management

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Named for modern-day martyrs killed in El Salvador in 1980, Holy Martyrs Church has spent the last 40 years dedicated to caring for the spiritual welfare of Catholics in Medina, OH, and sharing the Gospel with the lost. Parishioners make an annual pilgrimage to El Salvador and raise funds to provide scholarships to students at their sister parish in La Libertad.


When you have over 7,000 parishioners, keeping everyone connected with the life of the parish can be challenging. The staff at Holy Martyrs began to see a trend of local schools and organizations using online registration for events. When parents and students got used to using an online tool, it made it even more challenging for Holy Martyrs Church to get people to sign up and participate in events. Plus, using physical registration forms added dozens of spreadsheets and hours of manual entry making things complicated for the staff behind the scenes.


After 15 years of searching, Holy Martyrs Church discovered MinistryPlatform. It became a game changer for their ministry. With built-in online registration tools as part of their event management system, Holy Martyrs is finally able to keep up with the preferences of the parishioners. Giving people the option to sign up for events (and even pay!) online has increased participation and made it easier for staff to keep track of everything by automating their sign-up process.

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“We were really working at a disadvantage by not being able to do online registration. For years, all we did was paper registration, which amounted to a lot of data input, then tracking, and again obtaining millions of spreadsheets.”

– Janet Payton, Pastoral Associate

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