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Church Secretary, Thank you!

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Thank you to our Church Secretaries and Administrative Assistants!

We know pastors and priests juggle a lot at one time. They are on call 24/7. They are making decisions regarding the church, finances, visiting the sick or infirm, writing sermons, etc. But few could handle the load without the support and assistance from their church secretary or administrative assistant.

The people behind the pastor and priest are often the ones allowing him to take on so many tasks. These behind-the-scenes heroes ensure he stays on schedule. They organize the mayhem so he can stay focused on the big issues and often they handle personal errands that have gotten pushed aside for other more important duties. They are the ones looking up family information so he uses the right names, running reports, preparing communications to be sent, fielding calls and emails that for the most part are intended for other staff in the church. What would we do without these special people?

October may be pastor appreciation month but it is also a great time to say thank you to those behind the scenes. Whether it’s a call, email, note, cup of coffee, or a quick drop-in (because we know they’re busy), it’s time to show our gratitude. Everyone likes to know they are appreciated so take a moment to say thank you to your church’s secretary or administrative assistant.

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