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Easter Service Activities for Kids

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Easter is, without a doubt, one of the busiest days of the year for your church. 2020 might have thrown a monkey wrench in your plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rebound, adjust, and offer some great opportunities for the kids who will be joining you in-person or online. Some churches will welcome dozens—or hundreds—of visitors to their events and services on Easter weekend. Children will likely make up a large number of those visitors, and they may not have much practice sitting in church or staying focused on online services.  

It’s a great idea to anticipate their involvement and make special arrangements for them. Even small gestures go a long way in helping your youngest guests (and their families!) feel right at home when they join you on Easter. 

Five Easy Ways to Help Make Easter Services more Enjoyable for Kids

  1. Provide “busy packets” with Bible-themed coloring books or notepads and crayons for kids who attend the worship service. These don’t have to be large or elaborate—just a small notebook and non-staining crayons will help keep kids occupied when they get antsy. 
  2. Give parents a small non-messy snack to offer their kids if they get restless. You’ll want to make sure that the snack won’t leave a stain on fingers (or Easter outfits) and any crumbs will lift easily from the pews and carpets. Bite-size snack crackers or cereal are usually safe bets. Don’t choose any items with nuts and be aware of the ingredients if parents inquire because of food allergies.
  3. Create interactive video programming that can get the kids moving. Integrate worship and dance videos, a person reading or telling a story, and even pre-recorded crafts. Give them a list of things they can gather from around their home to participate as they join the others watching online.
  4. Ask several kids in each class to act as a special buddy on Easter. If they are attending in person, they can tag along — from a safe distance — to show new kids the ropes. You can also have kids — with parental supervision — welcoming online participants and sharing what they love about their church. 
  5. Pre-deliver snacks and craft supplies to kids who can’t join in person. This could be tricky but highly effective. With Realm event planning tools, you can have existing congregants and new visitors register for your Easter services ahead of time. Then you can drop off snack and craft packets to their homes so they can participate in your online programming!

Make Parents’ Lives Easier When You Help Their Kids

These tips may seem small, but they can help make Easter a more enjoyable experience for parents. And when you use an online check-in system, such as RealmⓇ, parents will move through registration quickly and be reassured of their little ones’ safety with Realm’s security features. 

With a little bit of forethought and advanced planning, making these accommodations will easily create a welcoming environment for kids. It will make the day more enjoyable for everyone who worships with you from where they choose to worship. 

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