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Quick and efficient check-in solution for your church

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It's as much about efficiency as it is about safety.

See How Realm's Check-In System Can Help Your Church

Mobile Check-In

Remove bottlenecks in the check-in process.

Provide a safe, efficient way for individuals, families, and children to check-in via the Connect app. Members can check in for events, groups, or serving teams.

realm mobile check in
Create a Welcoming Environment with Customizable Check-In Kiosks

Customizable Kiosks

Create a welcoming environment.

Making a great first impression with families is easy in Realm® with customizable check-in kiosks, helping you set a tone of trust and security while enabling quick, seamless check-in.

Automatic Attendance

Attendance that makes its own mark.

There’s no need for your church to mark attendance when your check-in system does it for you. Realm church management software reduces manual tasks while increasing accuracy and giving you powerful insights that help you care for families.

Realm's Check-In System Automatically Tracks Attendance
Children's Ministry Self-Serve Check-In

Self-Serve Check-In

Eliminate the line at the kiosk.

Optimized for accuracy and speed with minimal staff involvement, members can use a touch-screen optimized interface to indicate who they’re checking in and quickly print name tags from a kiosk. Members can also scan a barcode generated from the mobile check-in process in the Connect app to quickly print badges.


Ensure children are in the right hands.

Realm Check-In puts security at the forefront for your children’s ministry. Customize badges and add a Security ID to match parents with their children so no one else can pick the child up from your ministry events. Also make critical information, such as allergies, medical needs, and emergency contact information, visible for each child on their badge.

church event badge template

Feature Highlights