Church Check-In and Attendance Systems

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It's as much about efficiency as it is about safety.

See How Realm's Check-In System Can Help Your Church

Mobile Check-In

Remove bottlenecks in the check-in process.

Provide a safe, efficient way for individuals, families, and children to check-in via the Connect app. Members can check in for events, groups, or serving teams.

Create a Welcoming Environment with Customizable Check-In Kiosks

Customizable Kiosks

Create a welcoming environment.

Making a great first impression with families is easy in Realm® with customizable check-in kiosks, helping you set a tone of trust and security while enabling quick, seamless check-in.

Automatic Attendance

Attendance that makes its own mark.

There’s no need for your church to mark attendance when your check-in system does it for you. Realm church management software reduces manual tasks while increasing accuracy and giving you powerful insights that help you care for families.

Realm's Check-In System Automatically Tracks Attendance
Children's Ministry Self-Serve Check-In

Self-Serve Check-In

Eliminate the line at the kiosk.

Optimized for accuracy and speed with minimal staff involvement, members can use a touch-screen optimized interface to indicate who they’re checking in and quickly print name tags from a kiosk. Members can also scan a barcode generated from the mobile check-in process in the Connect app to quickly print badges.

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