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How to Make Ministry Memorable

We know you’re doing a lot of teaching, but are your people doing a lot of learning? Do they remember what they’ve learned? Do you know how to make ministry memorable?

Dr. Edgar Dale researched the types of experiences that built the most last memories in our minds. He found that people remember:

90% of what we say and do

70% of what we say and write

50% of what we hear and see

30% of what we see

20% of what we hear

10% of what we read

Churches can use this information as they move to answer Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations. Jesus called us to teach all nations, and we should spend our time on the things that are the most effective.


The church is having a hard time making disciples. Millions of people fill countless churches week after week and leave the same. We’ve built audiences not disciples.

The key to learning is experience. Jesus let His disciples experience Him and His teaching. He didn’t lecture them to death. He wasn’t a talking head. He gave them the experience of His life. He taught them verbally, but He embodied His teaching before them and created opportunities for them to minister along with Him.

Jesus spent making sure His disciples learned. He taught at the 90% level. He sent out His disciples to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom (say something) and perform the work of the Kingdom (do something). The disciples learned Kingdom life by saying and doing the things Jesus had for them to do.

Do we spend most of our time on the things with the most or the least effect? Are we creating opportunities for people to experience the Christian faith as well as hear about it?

Ministry is most effective when it creates opportunities for people to say and do things. A survey by Bob Gilliam conducted n 35 different churches across the country found that 65% of church goes felt their spiritual progress was either static or sliding backwards. Churches must create pathways and opportunities for people to get involved so that they can move forward in their walks with Christ.

The simple gospel presentation is powerful, but adding some graphics to a presentation can accent it a way that makes it more memorable to the hearer. A drama or video and say more in 20 minutes than you can in 40.

If people remember 20 percent of your 40 minute message, they will remember eight minutes. If people remember 50 percent of a 20 minute video, they will remember 10 minutes. If people spend 30 minutes serving along side you in a ministry, they will remember, 27 minutes of it.  Spend your time on what’s most effective.


We are not saying you shouldn’t recommend Bible reading. Bible reading changes lives. We should create space for people to not only read the truth of the Gospel, but apply it in their lives. We are not saying people shouldn’t listen to good teaching, but we are saying that people should have a chance teach others also.

The preaching of the Gospel releases the power of God. His power impacts both the hearer and the speaker. Christians should have opportunities to listen to the Gospel and share it with others.

What are some ways you make sure your ministry is memorable? Let us know in the comments below.

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