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Marketing the Church

It’s that time of year again when basketball fans cheer on their favorite teams in a “do or die” tournament. Millions of fans will fill out brackets in hopes of predicting the Final Four, which will be played in Dallas, TX this year. Matter of fact, many will be filling our brackets in hope of winning $1 billion from Quicken Loans. That’s right – $1 billion! Of course, you have to predict all 63 games correctly to be the grand prize winner. That is nearly impossible, but still a marketing win for Quicken Loans.

When it comes to marketing, many in the church world believe that the church should not be “marketed.” Some may hold to a philosophy that people will come to church because they should come – that is the way we were taught when we were children. However, in our modern day culture, this thought process is flawed and unrealistic. Churches should not bribe or trick people into attending, but it is important to “showcase” and share the ministries you have to offer your community.

Our culture inundates us with mass marketing and teaches us that success is measured by dollars. The church should be different from the world as the Bible says; however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give God our best and display our best to the world. Marketing in the church can be done economically with taste and purpose that can prove to be very effective. We can learn some good points from successful companies and then apply them to our situation and share our message of hope and faith to our community.

When you look back at the book at Acts, it can be argued that the first disciples were great “marketers.” A message that started with 12 individuals turned their region upside down and eventually changed the entire world. May we have that drive and vision to utilize modern techniques to reach this generation with the Gospel!

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