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Team Member Spotlight

acs technologies employee kaitlyn

This week we are introducing you to Kaitlyn who has been a team member at ACS Technologies since 2012. She is a Technical Communicator in our Research & Development department. 

Kaitlyn has always had a passion for writing and animals. She started writing stories and poems at a young age and still enjoys creative writing today. Her love of animals started at an early age as well. She wants to make life better for all animals. Whether it’s donating to help shelter pets or crocheting nests to help wildlife centers, every little bit she can do helps. Her hope is to one day open a rabbit rescue that rehabilitates mistreated rabbits and teaches people how to properly care for them. Kaitlyn has two bunnies of her own Remy who’s 7 years old and Snowy who is 5 years old. Both of them have their own room at her house! She likes to spend her free time cross stitching as well as crocheting blankets, washrags, reusable bags, stuffed toys (amigurumi), and other items.

Let’s check out what her typical workday looks like, why she loves working at ACST, and her passion for the church. 

What does a typical day look like at ACST for you?

First thing in the morning, my three product teams (two Realm teams and PDS) each have a daily scrum meeting where we discuss the plan for the day. Being on multiple teams can be difficult, so these daily meetings are very important. Throughout the day, I work on content for my teams, which can include writing release notes, updating help documentation, and collaborating with my designer on UI wording. I also work closely with the other technical communicators for peer review and maintaining our standards.

What do you love most about working at ACST?

ACST focuses on people — both our clients and its employees. Because ACST treats employees well, I feel like I’m a part of the mission to do our best work to help our partners in ministry. As a writer, my audience is the most important part of my work, and the clear focus that ACST puts on our clients helps me understand them and do my best work for them. Having been with PDS for almost 9 years, I love that we’re putting a special focus on our Catholic friends!

What is your driving passion for the Church? 

Just like we all have a part in our jobs at ACST to build successful products, I believe we all play a part in the bigger picture. Each part may be small, but together we make a difference. The Church, like ACST, focuses on people, especially those in need, and we all come together to make it happen.

rewarding careers at acs technologies

Being an ACS Technologies Team Member means being part of a family that works hard, plays hard, and always has your back. We love the church! Our passion is to enable churches of all sizes and shapes to build the Kingdom. We are always looking for just the right person to join our team to help us do this even better. If you’re interested in a rewarding career that really makes a difference in people’s lives, click here to read current positions available. If you don’t find just the right one, we encourage you to send in your resume/bio anyway because you never know what’s next as we’re growing all the time.

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