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Open for Visitors

Our home office is located in Florence, S.C. right where Interstate 20 runs into Interstate 95.  It is a convenient location for a visit from a customer or prospect that may be traveling through our area.  Our office is also located right next to some wetlands (called a swamp in our local vernacular).  This also produces some interesting visitors.  Snakes, raccoons, bobcats, the ever-popular beavers, and other critters show up occasionally to liven up the work day.  Last week a possum showed up in a tree ten feet from the rear exit of our technology building.
Now our technology building is filled with people who problem solve for a living, so there were many solutions put forth of how to deal with the situation.  After much deliberation we decided to stick to our visitor-friendly policy and let the possum spend the day in his tree.  He concluded his visit during the night and returned to his home in the swamp.
If you are ever planning a trip to Florida, a South Carolina beach, or any other destination that takes you through our area, please plan to stop in for a visit.  We’d love to meet you, give you a tour, and show you some southern hospitality!

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