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Blog » Remembering God’s Faithfulness During Uncertain Times

Remembering God’s Faithfulness During Uncertain Times

The evening news has been on at my house every night this week because we are all anxious to hear the latest update regarding the impending Hurricane Irma. “Anxious”…that word seems to describe the feeling in the air and the overall attitude on social media this week as well. Although each night at 6 pm we get an update on the hurricane’s movement, we still don’t get many solid answers to the questions that seem to be causing much of this anxiety. Uncertainty breeds anxiety, because uncertainty means at some level we are out of control.

We don’t know exactly when the hurricane will hit, where it will hit with the most impact, what intensity it will hit with, or what damage it will cause. There are so many elements completely out of our control that could potentially impact us for weeks, months, even years! I’m feeling anxious just writing this!

This is the reality that the people in your congregation are dealing with and wrestling through. They need…WE need something to steady us in the midst of our anxiety. None of us have or will have answers to those questions. So what do we do with all these questions that are so much bigger than we are?

It is our responsibility and privilege to remind our brothers and sisters in Christ of God’s faithfulness. He’s not surprised by this hurricane. This is the time for us to remind our congregation that the God we follow today is the same God that brought down the walls of Jericho, parted the Red Sea, closed the lion’s mouth and even walked on water!

He holds our tomorrow and knows what we will face. That can feel scary when we consider that through our human lens, but when we process that through the lens of His faithfulness, we can rest. We can trust His track record. We can go back to the Truth of His Word and read story after story of Him coming through and showing up. Taking that powerful step forward is reminding people of His faithfulness in their own personal story. Can you remember as a church body His faithfulness to individuals in your congregation? Can you share stories of when He was so good to you? Can you recount ways He has been faithful to your church?

This is what we need when circumstances in our lives seem overwhelming and we just don’t know what to do. Turn back to His faithfulness. Remember how good He has been to you and give thanks. We need this reminder personally as leaders.

Find ways to share this with your congregation. Certainly lead in remembering His faithfulness from the pulpit but find other ways as well. Share a Facebook live video of you recounting the power of His faithfulness. Give individuals the opportunity to post videos of their individual experiences of His faithfulness. Spend time during a service giving people time to share ways they have experienced His faithfulness to them. There is power in remembering and sharing our story.

Jesus told His disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

He knew we would need His peace. He understood we are prone to worry and struggle with anxiety. His solution is Himself because He is faithful and can be trusted. We, as leaders need this reminder so we can lead others straight into that peace. It starts with us remembering….His goodness, His character, His faithfulness.

What can you do as a leader to help those you lead actively remember His faithfulness?

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