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Blog » Saying Thank You to Church Volunteers Online

Saying Thank You to Church Volunteers Online

Thanking Volunteers Online

Your volunteers spend so much of their time supporting the needs of your church. As a church leader, you naturally want to continue that relationship with every volunteer that comes in contact with your ministry. But relationships are about give and take; if they’re spending time volunteering and not getting anything in return for their efforts, eventually they’ll feel used and taken advantage of.  That may even stop volunteering altogether.

However, to prevent that from happening in your church, it’s a great idea to always thank your volunteers for their time.  Let’s look at a few ways churches that moved to Realm are saying thank you to their volunteers in new ways than ever before.

After your volunteers have spent their time assisting your ministry – depending on the task, it could have been just a few hours or even weeks on end – it’s a great idea to use tools they’re already using to communicate with them.  Using Realm’s communication tools, your staff or volunteer team leaders can send out a quick thank you to every volunteer that you’ve come in contact with over a certain period.

Simply run a quick report of all the individuals on that volunteer team and send them a quick “thank you” email. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s not still from the heart, and your volunteers will recognize and appreciate that.

While you’re in such a thankful spirit, you can also thank anyone who has ever volunteered with your church.  By creating a list of anyone who has ever served on your church volunteer teams, you can thank them all collectively.  Maybe they volunteered last week, or maybe they haven’t volunteered in years, but taking a moment to thank all those involved who have helped make your church home is never something you should shy away from.  

Your “thank you” notes don’t have to be towards a specific team or in private, either. You can publicly thank your entire church for their volunteering efforts. Using Realm’s church communication tools and built-in Newsfeed makes it easy to create a post that your entire church can read.  Not only will that make your current volunteers feel loved by your church, but it also may entice some of your lesser involved congregation to learn how to get plugged into your church’s volunteer ministries (click here to find out more about how Realm can help there, too).   

You may know many of your volunteers personally, but that’s never an excuse to not thank them for their time.  Remember, they’ve donated their time to your church, so let’s not take their time for granted.  

However, by following these small steps, you’ll make a big impact on your volunteers, and that feeling of gratitude will last long after their service is completed.  To find out more information on how Realm can help you communicate better with your volunteers – and your church as a whole –  create better events in your church, check out more about ACS Technologies’ Realm church management software platform.

David is an Associate Product Marketing Manager and has been an ACS Technologies team member since 2011.  

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