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Reports to dive deep into your church’s data

Share this information with others in your church.

Detailed church reporting solutions into your ministry.

realm reports
realm predefined reports

Predefined Reports

Generate detailed reports.

When more details are needed, staff can utilize Realm’s predefined reports for churches and ministries. From eGiving and accounting to groups and events, one of the nearly 30 reports in Realm will serve up answers to questions you have about your ministry.  

Custom Queries

Access all your data.

Attention administrators: Realm’s custom queries were built for you. Unlike a prebuilt report, custom reports for churches and ministries let you search, sort, and output your data in any way needed.

realm custom query
realm saved reports

Saved Reports

Make better use of your time.

Building reports over and over shouldn’t be how you spend your time. Save your custom and predefined church reports in Realm ministry management software and access them from “My Saved Reports” anytime you want to re-run, edit, or output your data again.

Shared Reports

Teamwork just got easier.

Working together in Realm is easy with shared reports. Create your report and share it with others directly in Realm so they can see the results and take action as needed.

realm shared with me
realm recent report history

Recent Report History

Don’t lose your work.

Run a report but forget to save it? Realm gives you recent report history so you can see your history and download a recent report you may have lost.


Save time reviewing details.

Realm ministry management tools aren’t just for your people.  You’ll also get complete church expense reporting software for Realm church accounting and payroll. Customize standard accounting reports by selecting all the criteria you want to include in your report, such as specific time periods, funds, core accounts, and departments. Then save your reports to use again at a later time.

realm financial reporting

Feature Highlights