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Communication tools to keep your church connected

Share this information with others in your church.

Keeping engagement front and center.

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Posts to keep your church informed.

Keep your members engaged by posting to their newsfeed. Group leaders can post prayer requests, encouragement, or announcements to their groups and members can comment. Leaders can post to multiple groups they lead at the same time to create multiple conversations, and choose whether to allow comments.

Photo Posts

Share memories to create connections.

Being able to post photos from group events reminds your group members of the wonderful bonds they are creating through your church and Christ. Using photo posts in Realm, you can also share images of encouragement like scripture readings or devotionals.

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Empower groups to organize, plan, and engage.

Realm church management software gives your group leaders the opportunity to share events with their group members. With our incredible church group management software, group leaders can attach files to the events for members to see ahead of time such as a meeting agenda or menu. Plus, leaders can add items for group members to sign up to bring when they RSVP.

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Foster a more engaged and connected community with the integration of Realm and Constant Contact for email and SMS marketing. Seamlessly sync congregant contact information, allowing you to leverage a unified solution for both email and text messaging. Craft impactful messages using Constant Contact’s user-friendly editor, AI-driven content generator, schedule emails and texts, and view valuable analytics for optimal engagement.

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when you prepay a 6-month subscription

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For 3 months*, plus a one-hour kickoff call to help your ministry get set up for success. SMS can be added to any plan.

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Communicate with anyone in the moment.

Checking in on a member and family or planning a surprise event with just a few members within a group means communicating with the whole group isn’t necessary. And thanks to Chat in Realm, you can contact just one or a few members at a time without having to message an entire group.

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One place for all communications.

We all know the routine of searching through texts, emails, and direct messages trying to find a conversation. With Realm’s inbox, all of your communications are saved in one place. Your members can see their messages in their Inbox, even if they choose to receive messages as emails or texts.

Constant Contact SMS

Instantly reach your audience.

Maximize your ministry’s outreach with Constant Contact SMS. Effortlessly sync mobile numbers to Constant Contact to leverage the power of texting to better reach your congregation. Your church will have a dedicated phone number to schedule or send texts to your entire congregation or specific individuals. You’ll also have insightful data to help you understand engagement with your texts.

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Reach the right audience.

Easily connect with individuals in a group or pathway, from a custom query, parents of children in your ministry, or people in a dashboard filter through email. Use Realm’s native email tool or take your email content to the next level using Realm’s integration with Constant Contact.


Send customized emails to targeted lists.

Realm’s integration with Constant Contact means you can sync your email contacts between both to ensure contacts are up-to-date. Send your contact lists from Realm to update, replace, or create new lists to email through Constant Contact.

realm constant contact sync


Track your communications.

See who is receiving your messages via Email, Text, or Inbox. With Realm’s Communication History, check the status of your messages and see those that are sent, queued, undelivered, or those who have unsubscribed.

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Notification Preferences

Reach them where they prefer.

Realm gives you the opportunity to connect with your members in the way they choose is best. If they prefer email, your Inbox messages and posts will reach their email inbox. Enable texting for groups who are always on the go to reach them quickly. Push notifications keep those using the Realm Connect church mobile app informed of new messages, posts.

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