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Tithing and Offering Messaging Ideas

Getting Input from Your Key Donors

Our tithers and givers have a spiritual commitment and faith-based calling to our church that undergirds their passion and generosity. So understanding the God-filled community, trust, and relationships we already enjoy with these givers, let’s step into the donor’s mind. So we can be sure we can keep them engaged and excited to continue giving with these tithing and offering messaging ideas. 

Donors seek ways our goals and mission intersect with their faith and passion. Furthermore, we want to arm our congregants with the very reasons others might seek out our church so they can be more effective ambassadors, all the while we are stoking the fires of their continued passion for our mission. In this case, the following tithing message ideas are critical:

  1. Our church is impacting…..
  2. What sets our ministries apart and makes them different from others is…

Part of our role as Christians is to help create community and authentic relationships between those who have resources and those who need them. That is ministry. Furthermore, healthy church growth happens when we understand our community’s needs and learn to meet those needs. When we are focusing on building the Kingdom, tithe and offering messages need to be easy to recall and substantial in content. For example:

  1. See the impossible become possible.
  2. Doing good day in and day out.

Once we accept that God wants every gift to be given from our own will so that when the blessings come, we then understand how God worked through our gift to prosper our wellbeing, as well. Offering meditations to motivate and answer congregants’ questions is equally important: 

  1. What does God do with your gift?
  2. What God does when you give. 

Identify that giving can (and dare I say, should?) stretch us. Sometimes giving is more sacrificial than others. I really appreciate the word “willing” regarding giving of the Old Testament community found in Exodus 35:22,

“All who were willing, men and women alike, came and brought gold jewelry of all kinds: brooches, earrings, rings, and ornaments. They all presented their gold as a wave offering to the Lord.” 

Again, giving is from the heart. The Gift of the Magi short story that we read as youngsters might be one of your tithe and offering illustrations that will leave an impression for the days and months ahead along with these proposed message titles: 

  1. Pleasing God with giving from the heart.
  2. Generosity for the sake of honoring God.

Giving is an investment. With all the talk of economic downturns and inflation, we want our earnings to go the furthest and have the biggest impact. Practically speaking, many of us are rethinking our at-home meal preparations and how far we drive to conserve gas and energy, not to mention holiday expenses and upcoming vacations. As followers of Christ, we always need to invest in what matters most: building His Kingdom. 

  1. An investment with eternal results.
  2. The gift that doesn’t expire.

End-of-year giving is quickly approaching. This holiday season, we need to tap into the passion of our people while increasing engagement and personal involvement. Capture the heart, and we’ll transform the soul into missional thinking, fruitful living, and generous giving. Challenge and inspire the flock to be good stewards and generous givers with these offering message ideas so the church can be a relevant voice and redemptive influence in the community:

  1. Well done, my good and faithful servant.
  2. Giving sets us free.

Offering meditation ideas over the course of the year can feel redundant and even difficult to muster. But remember, not only should we be willing to talk about giving, we should talk about it in a way that challenges people. People want to be challenged to rise to the occasion. How can people accept a challenge if they don’t even know what it is? It’s the job of the pastor and church leaders to bring up the subject of money. Not as a heavy, obligatory focus, but as part of the everyday conversation about a topic that matters greatly to God, our people, and our church.

Forrest started with ACST in 2015 and has held key roles across many departments working directly with our ministry partners. He is currently a Territory Account Manager. Forrest specializes in helping large churches use technology to meet their full potential in every aspect of their ministry. He has served in youth and children’s ministry staff roles at his church. And is passionate about leading churches in meaningful change.

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