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Watch out for These Pitfalls

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How many times do you say or do something that you immediately regret? You realize (afterwards) that it wasn’t a good idea or it wasn’t right. None of us are perfect, we’ve all said and done things we shouldn’t. There are four areas that are common pitfalls, and some of these may be areas you’ve struggled with in your life:

  1. Engaging in social media outbursts: We all have our opinions, but they don’t always need to be shared with others on social media. Find a trustworthy friend with whom you can share your heart or even frustration. Social Media is NOT the place. 
  2. Playing the comparison game: It’s so easy to compare ourselves with someone else. From appearances and personalities to possessions and experiences, we find things to compare and either wish we were more like someone else or feel better about ourselves because we’re not. However, we don’t have to be like someone else to follow the plan that God has for us.
  3. Living a double life: It is not what we say, but what we do, that really tells our testimony. If we, as Christians, say one thing yet do another, how will anyone know our faith is genuine and understand our purpose as followers of Christ?
  4. Thinking It’s all about me: When asked what the greatest commandment is, Jesus shared that it is to love God. He then added that the second is to love our neighbors as ourselves. Although the Bible also talks about taking care of ourselves, we need to keep this in perspective to avoid allowing ourselves to become the priority. We are called to keep our focus on Christ and share His love with others.

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