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What’s Wrong with the Church?

What’s wrong with the Church? This question might offend some people. However, it is a question we must consider. First of all, Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:18 that “the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” Certainly, we take Jesus’ words as absolute truth, but it doesn’t discount that some churches will struggle and fail in this world. Jesus is addressing the church (Christ-followers), not specific churches.

That said, we certainly have room to improve and hopefully are willing to make the proper adjustments as we build the Kingdom and lead people toward Christ. Here are 10 statements/questions that church leaders need to address:

1) First of all, as leaders let’s not be so defensive. Be willing to take a step back and see your church as outsiders might.
2) Understand that the place you may serve/attend is God’s church first and foremost. You have no ownership or ultimate authority over His church.
3) Are you and your leadership willing to make necessary changes even at a cost to be more effective in reaching the lost in your area?
4) Are you as a leader willing to sacrifice your position or areas that are comfortable for you so that the church can move forward in its vision?
5) Are you spending the time in God’s Word and prayer that God expects from someone in leadership?
6) Are you willing to make the tough choice for change even though it may cause some division among the membership?
7) Remember this truth: no matter how big a church you are employed by, you serve at the pleasure and audience of ONE – God.
8) You can’t please everyone as a leader. Stop trying to keep everyone happy and do what you feel God is calling you to do.
9) The church is a beautiful creation of Christ that is made of imperfect people leading other imperfect people. There is no perfect church!
10) Give God your best one day at a time and He will take care of you and your family as you serve Him to glorify His church and build His Kingdom.

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