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Why Volunteers Are Key for Your Church this Fall

Gearing Up for Fall: Following up After Events

Fall. It’s that time of year for cooler weather, football games, and back-to-school sales. It’s also like a second New Year, a chance for people to recommit to their goals and ambitions. 

For many, this includes prioritizing church engagement. Most churches see a big attendance boost around late August or early September, depending on when school starts back. Knowing this growth is coming creates opportunities for churches to reach more people and make a bigger difference. 

One of the unexpected keys to leveraging this growth is volunteers. Churches need people who give their time to the mission of the church. Special events, ministry opportunities, weekend gatherings, and more require an army of people working together. 

For the fall season, volunteers must be a priority in your communication and strategy. Our latest resource, Volunteering: Gearing Up for Fall, gives a comprehensive look into how you get church volunteers, what they can do, and how to leverage them for a stronger church. 

What are some ways volunteers help your church this fall?

  • Adding extra support to your hospitality or first impressions team
  • Creating events that reach your community in new (and larger) ways
  • Increasing church giving so your church has more resources to make a more significant difference

As your church looks to the fall, make volunteers a pillar of your planning. Create ways for more people to serve. Call them to serve in clear and compelling ways. Cultivate a culture of volunteers this fall that lasts well into the future. 

Fall is almost here. Use this season to engage more people in the mission so you lead a stronger church. Start by reading Volunteering: Gearing Up for Fall today and get the roadmap you need to navigate the days ahead.

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