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You asked for it

The Access ACS API opens up an avenue for you to have access to your data via products other than the ones by ACS Technologies.  Ministry Scheduler Pro had previously released an integration that let clients have access to their ACS Small Group data in their product.  There is no cost to this integration.  If you have Access ACS, the API is available to you.  Organizations just need to sign the paperwork authorizing access to their data via the API.  Once the paperwork is signed, we will supply a security id.  That security id is entered in to the Ministry Scheduler Pro software and the small group data is then available.  This has been a popular feature to both Access ACS and Ministry Scheduler Pro clients.
The top request from clients was to have the activity data available as well as part of the integration.  We both heard you!
An activity API call was added that is available for all API development. Ministry Scheduler Pro immediately used that call to update their product so now clients in kind have access to their ACS activity data.  No updates have to be loaded.  Easy data access for easier ministry management – I love it!  Happy scheduling!

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