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Frequently Asked Questions

Growth Method pricing is based on the number of campuses and mobile numbers that you set up in the system. For an exact quote please contact our sales team.

Unlimited! We do not have a max number of cards that you are able to process.

Our product utilizes OCR Optical Character Recognition, which is a technology that converts scanned images of text into electronic text.

Refers to the data areas you match to your ChMS. To be more technical, it is the column header for your database/CSV files.

Our product name, address, email, phone, household, and other such communication values to determine to a high level of certainty that it is either a match or not a match.

In the form creation or handwritten card template, you will connect the fields to the corresponding ChMS value.

Our tool is 99.5% accurate, using AI/Machine Learning our system will get more accurate the more it is used.

Conditionals are like IFTTT (if this then that). Our product allows you to create custom workflows from the field values of your CSV or written responses. These workflows can correspond to existing ones in your ChMS that you have already established.

Yes, Growth was designed to work hand in had with your ChMS. We seamlessly sync data so that you can use your ChMS as the central place to get the most recent and complete information.

Absolutely! You can easily publish your Growth Webforms and Keyword numbers on your website or mobile app so that people can be put into the right ministry tracks as soon as they fill out a form or text in a keyword.

Yes, since Growth is fully customizable you can easily embed forms or keywords into your streaming platform.

Yes, most text message provides only blast out communications with no ability to capture responses and have conversations. Also, Growth will give each user their own phone number so that your messages do not get mixed together.