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Religious Preferences and Practices

Overall percentage of Americans who self-described religion preference

The proportion of Americans participating in a religious congregation or community has slipped by two percentage points to 33% since 2017. Over time, this represents a decline in religious community participation of 12 percentage points since 2007, when 45% of respondents said they were active in a faith community.

Not only are fewer people active in communities of faith, but those who still engage do so less often than they used to.

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The face of American society is undeniably changing. American Christianity is changing as well. Our faith fellowships are now home to tens of millions of fewer congregants than they were a decade ago. Americans are more conflicted than ever about what morality means. To be sure, many long-held Christian beliefs remain. Yet the modern American Christian is more apt than ever before to adopt some beliefs and disregard others.

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Most Americans do not engage in a faith community. The opportunity to reach them is vast.

A welcoming attitude, strong teaching, traditional 'worship' and personal relationships led 29 other needs among seekers