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Unveiling Your Community’s Most Important Beliefs

Get a free guide about what Americans believe about God and Jesus.

Communicating the truth about the identity of God and Jesus is an important part of your church’s mission. As you help people explore truth, navigate doubt, and apply the scriptures, it’s important to get a clear understanding of what people already believe about these key topics. 

Using new data from the ACST American Beliefs Study, we’ve created a new guide that helps you answer these important questions. In Beliefs about God and Jesus in American Communities, you’ll learn:

  • Generational trends about what people believe about God and Jesus.
  • How rural, suburban, and urban residents differ on these important spiritual beliefs.
  • Which non-Christian religious beliefs impact the beliefs of practicing Christians.
  • Which beliefs about God practicing and nominal Christians differ on. 
  • The beliefs about God all generations generally agree upon.


But that’s just the start! This guide will give you important insights into what American communities believe on theological topics crucial to your church’s ministry.

Get your copy of this timely guide today!