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Fact or Fiction: Dispel Misconceptions
About What Your Christians Believe

Free ebook on what people believe about moral and social issues

In the polarizing world where we live, we get a lot of confusing messages about what people in our communities think about moral and social issues. People tend to push the narratives that reinforce what they believe.

That’s why we’ve pulled together the ground-breaking insights from the American Beliefs Study on social and moral beliefs into a one-of-a-kind guide designed to help church leaders get straight answers about what American faith communities really believe. 

In Social and Moral Attitudes within Faith Communities, you’ll:

  • Better understand the differences between what nominal and practicing Christians believe about these issues so you can more effectively communicate to different segments of your church.
  • Learn the biggest concerns of practicing and nominal Christians so you speak to the specific moral and spiritual questions they’re asking.
  • Find out what the next generation of Christians believes about families and marriages, so you can help to guide them on these important issues.


Start separating fact from fiction about what your neighbors believe with this FREE guide.

Download it today!