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Religious Preferences and Practices

Nones and Dones: A Crisis of Mistrust and Apathy

The “Nones”—those with no religious affiliation—are the fastest growing faith group in the country. Included in that group are the “Dones” – those who recently left their faith communities.

Our new free guide, Nones and Dones: A Crisis of Mistrust and Apathy, will give unique insights drawn from research with 15,000 Americans. Based upon the American Beliefs Study, this report explores the responses of the “Legacy Nones” and “Recent Dones” to many questions about belief, religious practices, and whether faith has any significance in their lives.  

In this report, you’ll:

  • Learn why the “Nones” stay away from religious communities
  • Understand what drives people away from churches
  • Find out about significant gaps in what practicing Christians and “Nones” expect from churches

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