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Discover What Really Matters to Your Community

Understand your community so you can serve it better

Do all the reports about the exodus of people out of Christianity concern you? Are you curious about what people in your community really think about churches like yours?

Your church is better equipped to deliver your message of hope and truth when you understand what your neighbors really think about churches like yours. The last few years have included a seismic shift in the culture that has left many churches grappling for how to engage and serve their communities.

Our new guide, Understanding Our Communities, uses insights from the ACST American Beliefs Study to equip your church to navigate the changing landscape of your community. Inside this FREE guide, you can:

  • See how many Americans have gravitated away from Christianity in the last decade.
  • Discover how Americans really feel about the churches in their communities.
  • Read about Americans’ greatest concerns so you can minister to them more effectively.
  • Learn which denominations are growing, treading water, and losing adherents.
  • Learn how you can fulfill your calling to speak truth and provide healing for your flock. 


That’s just the beginning. Download this guide today to begin learning more about the community you’re trying to reach.