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Blog » 10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Christmas Service

10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Christmas Service

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Now is the time to plan for unforgettable Christmas services. This service is often called the “Superbowl” of the church calendar. It’s important that it’s well planned out, thoroughly prepared for, and most definitely prayed over.

This is the time for meeting as a team and strategically planning out everything from the theme, to the music, to the stage setup. There are certain elements that, when well-planned, will result in an impactful and memorable celebration of the gift of the Christ Child.

10 Tips to Planning an Unforgettable Christmas Service:

Let People Know

The way you advertise your service dates and times is incredibly important. Develop a communication plan that includes multiple platforms. Decide if you will run an advertisement in the paper, send out invites by mail, run a radio spot, or advertise on TV. You definitely want to make sure you have used all of your social media platforms during the month of December to let people know when your services will be held and also a bit about the service. 

Prepare for Visitors

All pastors know that Christmas and Easter may be the only dates some people will show up in church. It’s a tremendous responsibility to use your Christmas service to share the Gospel but also make sure your visitors feel welcome. This happens by preparing for people who have never been to your church before. Prepare for visitors in the parking lot and follow their experience all the way into the children’s ministry, being seated, and the actual service. Make sure your members and volunteers understand the tremendous importance of greeting these visitors warmly and helping them have a positive experience.

Have Plenty of Volunteers

This can be difficult for some churches because many people are traveling and out of town during the holidays. However, this is why it is important to plan ahead to make sure you know how many volunteers you will have and that you place them strategically.

Provide Childcare

Your childcare and children’s ministry needs to also be well planned out and fun for this service! The children will be excited about Christmas and many will be first-time visitors so it is important that you plan an experience that is engaging, entertaining, and certainly impactful.

Music is Important

The music you choose is significant for this service. People are looking for the traditional Christmas carols, so you want to make sure you have some, but you also can use a very powerful song to reach people during this service. Most visitors are not looking for a long worship set, but rather a Christmas musical experience.

Keep it Short

While you want to have an impactful service, it is important to keep it within a certain time limit, generally an hour. Most families have other events and holiday gatherings to go to that day/night so a short service full of intention is more impactful than a lengthy service.

Make the Most of Your Message

Your message should be intentional but brief. Say what you want them to remember. Make the most of the short time you have during your service to share what matters: the Gospel message.

Be Creative

This is a great service to implement short videos or other creative elements you may not use each week. Some churches may incorporate a dramatic element, an orchestra, some type of artistic expression whether painting or dance, or something fun like making it snow! Think outside the box!

Establish Traditions

Some churches may serve communion or end the service lighting candles while singing Silent Night. Establish a tradition for your church that people will look forward to experiencing this one time a year.

Invite Your Visitors Back

Make sure to take advantage of this time with visitors to let them know what will be happening in your church in the New Year. Have a video sharing about your next series or a physical invite to give them as they leave to let them know about your next series. Have a plan to let them know they are welcome and invited to what your church is experiencing next.

Your Christmas service can be a catalyst for growth for your church, if strategically planned, prayed over, and implemented well. Take advantage of this time to make sure you hold an unforgettable Christmas service that draws visitors, shares the Gospel in a creative way, and touches hearts.


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