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25 Fundraising Ideas for Churches: Quick Wins for Impact – Year-End Receipts

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It’s not too early to start thinking about your year-end donor receipts. This is a project that no church or charitable organization particularly looks forward to…but it’s important to view this necessary communication as a fundraising opportunity.

As part of our series of 25 fundraising ideas for churches, we’re exploring creative paths for donor engagement. In this post, we’ll encourage you to see your tax receipts through a new lens: as a donor impact piece.

Nonprofits and ministries whip out tax receipts that look sterile – official, dry documents that simply list the calendar of giving history with no design or messaging. We often spend a chunk of funds mailing those without considering how this document could advance the church’s mission. So we’ll offer two tips today:

Your Receipt IS a Very Important Thank You

It should be accompanied by a letter – or even a summary one-page annual report – that thanks donors for their role in the church’s successes this past year. Some organizations use the back of the receipt for quotes from those served by the ministries or for a “by the numbers” look at all the church accomplished with donor help. 

Don’t Waste Space or Postage in Sending Only a Tax Receipt

Some ministries include a special “thank you” buck slip in the envelope. A buck slip is a small ⅓ sheet of paper (about the size of a dollar) that fits in the business envelope. That slip can be pre-printed with images or a thank you message to donors. It could also be an impact story of someone served by the ministries. Some other organizations include a special note from the pastor or leader.

Don’t miss an opportunity to thank your givers and tell them how valued they are by evaluating your year-end giving summary receipts. Even if it’s just a small change this year – such as the addition of one quote or a brief thank you message – begin now thinking about how to leverage your receipts.

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