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7 Ways to Promote a Culture of Service in Your Church

  1. Get the pastor involved. Announcements are one thing. But having your pastor integrate the idea of service into his messages? That’s entirely different – it might have an effect on those who drift off during weekly announcements and delete the bulletin without so much as a scan.
  2. Tell a story. Show people how ministries are helping individuals in your church and how they’re helping someone in the community. If you can integrate photos of those who are being served, all the better.
  3. Utilize social media. If you’ve implemented a social networking tool like The City, you’ve likely seen some of the power of using social networking to get your congregants involved. If not, think about how you’re using your Facebook page. Are you giving the people who have liked your page a good mix of inspiration, information, and serving opportunities? Be careful not to focus too exclusively on needs – social media is about conversation. Push and pull.
  4. Don’t just use your church social media pages – use staff/congregant resources, too. Be sure your staff is sharing service opportunities to their personal networks, as well. And encourage your congregants to share your posts – don’t be afraid to tell them what you want them to do in the post. “Click share to help us get more volunteers!”
  5. Keep it simple. Make sure the mission is clear and it’s easy to get involved.
  6. Build volunteerism into your discipleship strategy. As Tony Morgan, author of Simply Strategic Volunteers, told, “We believe that being a disciple is more than just sitting and learning facts about the Bible. So we simply expect people to serve as a volunteer in a ministry. It is a value we hold high.”
  7. Have fun. This probably doesn’t need a lot of explanation, does it?

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