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ACS Saints – 2011

With the passing of All Saints Sunday last weekend, I’d like to take time to remember the ACS Technologies employees that are no longer with us.  This past year we lost two members of the ACS Team; Jim Wilmeth and Rev. Garvice Murphree.  Jim was half of the “Wilmeth Training Duo” with Jeanette doing the training and Jim doing everything else to make it happen.  Garvice Murphree was one of the original employees of the company.  A retired Baptist minister, Garvice joined forces with the company founder, Harris Rogers, to start the effort to bring ACS to the church market.   Jim and Garvice join a distinguished list of people who helped build ACS Technologies as a company and we miss them.
Jim Wilmeth, ACS Training
Rev. Garvice Murphree, first ACS Sales representative
Jamie Grimsley, Programming, Training, Sales and Business Development
Courtney Robinson, PDS Customer Support
Karen Collins, ACS Training
Charles Gwaltney, Sales for the state of Louisiana
Libby Sanders,  Sales for the state of Georgia
Sandi Bass, Forms and Supplies Department
Lori Yarborough, Forms and Supplies Department

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