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Automating Assimilation and Engagement with Growth Method

Planning church growth events

Having a packed service on Sunday is truly a blessing, but as a pastor, you may have anxiety about not recognizing all the faces in the pews. Attending worship is just the first step in what you hope will be a visitor or new member’s spiritual journey at your church, and your responsibility is to create a personal relationship with each and every person who walks through your church’s doors.

Keeping track of visitors, fostering relationships with visitors and members, and guiding them to the next step in their journey can be overwhelming and time-consuming but integral for building disciples and growing your church. That’s why ACS Technologies added Growth Method to our family. 

Growth Method is a ministry engagement hub that facilitates engagement by providing your pastors, staff, and care teams with automated communication, task tracking, and processes. With Growth Method, you can ensure visitors don’t fall through the cracks, build and strengthen relationships with your members, and prevent staff burnout. 

Visitor Follow-Up 

Growth Method includes multiple ways to gather visitor information so you can begin establishing a relationship with new people in your church — scan visitor cards, import data from your church management system, or create a text keyword and share during your service that will send a personalized form to a visitor’s device to complete. 

Once visitors are added to Growth Method, you can create automated follow-up plans using tracks including phone calls, emails, or meetings and assign them to a pastor or care team member. 

Member Engagement 

With Growth Method, you create personalized tracks for congregants and parishioners to facilitate outreach and engagement. Segment your members into similar groups such as age, interests, or similar spiritual journeys, build a communication plan, and assign a pastor best suited for the group.  


What makes Growth Method unique is the ability to personalize and automate communications on your behalf, but you need to be aware of what is going out and to whom. Pastors can check a dashboard daily to see communications going out to visitors or members on their app.

Growth Method fuels engagement while reducing the workload of pastors, staff, and volunteers. Plus, Growth Method integrates with MinistryPlatform and Realm, also by ACS Technologies, as well as other church management systems, so you don’t have to manage visitor and member information in multiple systems.  

To learn more about Growth Method, click here

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