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Blog » You’re Responsible for Safety: A Guide to Better Background Checks

You’re Responsible for Safety: A Guide to Better Background Checks

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We live in a dangerous and uncertain world. Every day news outlets report on all the atrocities that are plaguing our nation: school shootings, terrorist attacks, celebrity suicides, and political mayhem.  Sometimes it seems like we could be at risk to be the next victim of violence and that our safety is in extreme peril.

The danger extends to churches as well. Houses of worship are increasingly the targets of hate crimes. This causes fear and anxiety in places that are supposed to offer peace and goodwill to all who enter.  Sometimes hurting and mentally ill people enter the church in what seems to be an innocent matter, only to prey on attendees, cause havoc, and foster abuse. Sadly, churches must be on guard.

Best practices in church leadership today call for churches to develop policies that will keep their members safe.  This is especially important for children’s ministries and offices of pastoral care, two areas that deal with people in their most vulnerable states.  One such policy should be requiring background checks for anyone hired by the church or working with children. While this may seem like an extreme step, the safety of your people depends on assuring reliable and safe people are the ones leading your ministries.

To help you take the first steps in creating a background check policy for your church, ACS Technologies has developed a ministry guide to walk you through better background check protection and how to perform easy, reliable screenings on potential employees and volunteers so you can rest assured that your people are protected.  This unique tool brings church leaders an accessible way to cultivate confidence and a sense of safety for their church members.

Churches today have extreme safety needs. The ACST Ministry Guide on background checks will help church leaders fulfill their responsibility for safety, creating an environment that is sheltered from violence and is filled with the sense of sanctuary that all churches should have. 

Download the FREE guide today! 

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