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Breaking Down Data Walls

Breaking Down Data Walls

Today’s ministries are collecting data from so many different sources that it’s becoming more difficult than ever to make sense of it all. With dashboards, reports, metrics, and analytics just to name a few, how are ministries like yours finding the right tools to better understand how it all works together? We have a solution for breaking Down Data Walls!

Ministries who rely on MinistryPlatform, a solution of ACS Technologies (ACST), have found that they get the flexibility to design reports that work best for them but are also powerful enough to meet the needs of their growing congregations. Let’s take a look at how they’re breaking down their data walls with MinistryPlatform.

Integrations, API and Webhooks

MinistryPlatform is unique in that it’s built for your ministry. For some, an out-of-the-box solution is the right choice. But other ministries, need the customization and flexibility to build solutions that are focused on how they see data and how they do ministry.

That’s why MinistryPlatform offers a massive amount of integrations, APIs, and webhooks that you can “plugin” to make it your own. Need to pull data nightly on your small groups, mission trips, or other areas of ministry? How about adding a webhook that tells you when someone gave for the first time? MinistryPlatform can do that for you and so much more.  

Create Dashboards and Other Metrics on the Fly

Having a solution that offers Integrations, APIs, and webhooks are so important, but sometimes you just want an answer at the moment. That’s why MinistryPlatform allows ministries to create dashboards and other metrics on the fly, right when they need them most.

For example, if a staff member oversees outreach and new membership and is interested in how many new families have children or live in a particular part of your area, they can simply create a dashboard and track it. 

Hundreds of Prebuilt Reports

At ACST, we know that not every one of your staff members is what you’d call “tech-savvy.” Some aren’t interested in building metrics on the fly or learning how integrations and webhooks can greatly benefit your ministry. However, they still have a job to do. 

That’s why MinistryPlatform comes standard with more than 200 prebuilt reports and a searchable database available at the click of a button. Search from nearly any parameter – from small group participants, facilities and room bookings, and so much more. And when you pair the hundreds of pre-built reports with MinistryPlatform’s free knowledge base, you’ll get detailed descriptions of each report so you always have access to the right information.

MinistryPlatform is the solution ministries choose when they need flexibility, power, and customization for all their reporting and metrics. From simple-to-execute prebuilt reports to deep integrations and API calls, MinistryPlatform is empowering ministries to bring more to the Kingdom.

To learn more about how MinistryPlatform, with the help of ACS Technologies, can help make sense of your data, check out our ACS Technologies website for more information.

Rev. Chuck Salter joined ACS Technologies in 2019 when ACS Technologies acquired MissionInsite, a company he co-founded and which provides community demographics and data analytics to the faith-based market.

Chuck is a clergy member of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He has over 30 years of experience in the strategic use of community demographic information, has served as a church planter, and has provided UMC Conference leadership in missional development and ministry advancement.

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