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Do You Need to Brand Your Church?

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What’s driving visitors to your church? Whether you like it or not, your church competes to attract new members and keep existing members. So, your marketing presence needs to rise above all the other noise vying for their attention in your community. This is why branding is so important. Your brand should clearly identify who you are. And how you serve your community. This type of messaging creates a strong brand that helps effectively reach your potential visitors.

How Do You Establish Your Brand?

Look at your church’s mission and values. Now, look at what you’re saying and showing to your community in your messaging – sermons, ministries, marketing, signage, church events, and activities. Do they support your mission? If they don’t, you need to review your mission and messaging. Saying one thing and doing something else will only confuse your community. And most likely, have them looking at the church down the street.

Once your mission and messaging are in sync, you’ll want to continue to support that identity and voice. Instilling this identity consistently in all your efforts helps visitors and members see and understand what your church is about without confusion. Having your congregation’s buy-in ensures your church’s growth and aids them in their spiritual growth.

Implementing Your Brand

As mentioned, the most crucial aspect of branding is consistent and clear communication across all mediums. These are necessary for establishing and strengthening your brand. A great place to start is your website. Be sure your mission is prominent. An organized and well-thought-out site will make it easy to see how you’re fulfilling and supporting your mission.

Continue reviewing your other marketing vehicles – social media, signage, bulletin, t-shirts, etc. Always ensure they are supporting your brand. If you have volunteers handling any of these, share the importance of consistent communication. 

We shouldn’t overlook your church logo. This is a central communication tool between your church and community. Logos are a place to invest dollars. Good branding requires a polished, professional logo.

It’s important for your logo to be unique. (Not something that makes them think of a car or restaurant.) A great logo also communicates the missions and values you represent.

Be sure the design is simple and visually appealing. Limit the number of colors (and consider what it looks like in black and white). Make the fonts readable (no matter if it is printed or online).  

Your church logo should appear on your website and all printed materials. Think about creating merchandise with your logo. T-shirts worn by your members turn into walking billboards. And people in your community will take notice.

Benefits of Successful Branding

Branding, as mentioned, can assist in attracting new members. We also recognized the benefits of retaining existing members. But branding can also help the financial health of your church. Having a congregation that embraces what your church is doing encourages them to dig deeper to support your church’s mission. It motivates them to step up and volunteer. It also motivates them to invite friends and family.


Branding benefits your church in many ways. So, churches must invest (monetarily and personnel-wise) to help ensure success and strengthen the ties to the community. Even a small investment will help any church achieve growth. 

Check out our new guide Welcoming Church Guests to learn what to do once your branding starts attracting new visitors! 

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