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Get Your Church’s Press Release Published!

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Your church has just collected 300 children’s jackets and donated them to schools throughout your community. School officials, the mayor, parents, and guardians have been calling to thank the church for helping the community in its time of need. That’s a great story! But how do you get it covered by media outlets?

Many may say we didn’t do this for the attention or publicity. And that can be true. But what if you did get attention and a hundred more coats were donated? And a local department store wanted to partner with your church and set up an annual donation. Do you see how you could benefit from sharing this news?

Press releases shouldn’t be sensationalized stories that go out to the media. They are straightforward accounts of newsworthy information. Some may be published as sent in. Others edited into short articles. And some may be the foundation for a much bigger story. Unfortunately, some will end up in the trash can. So, how can you write a press release that gets published? Here are some recommendations.

1) Make Sure the Subject is Newsworthy

  • Is it news? Is there a strong angle? Something unique? Will it appeal to the audience that your news outlet serves?

2) Give It a Strong Headline

  • Be sure the headline grabs attention and summarizes the main point of your release.
  • Some releases also include a subheading that provides context.

3) Use Standard Formatting

  • Include the release date, the contact, phone number, and email address. Add “For Immediate Release” at the top. 
  • Include the city and date at the beginning of the first paragraph for context.
  • Use “###” to indicate the end. 
  • Only use standard fonts and type sizes.

4) Introduction Paragraph

  • Address the who, what, where, when, why, and how.
  • Be concise and engaging while summarizing the main point.
  • Present the story as an observer, not as a participant.
  • Stick to the facts and avoid embellishing the content.

5) Subsequent Paragraphs

  • The following paragraphs should provide details, facts, and other applicable information.
  • Each paragraph should build on the previous paragraphs and in a logical order.
  • Use quotes from key individuals involved in the subject.
  • Be sure the quotes are compelling and relevant.
  • End your release with a powerful conclusion, reiterating the significance of the news.
  • Be clear, concise, relevant, and compelling in presenting your information.
  • Provide links or attachments of any useful multimedia (video, pictures).

6) End with the Boilerplate

  • End your release with general information about your church or organization. This paragraph should include things like when your church started, the denomination, campus locations, the size of the congregation, church leaders, your mission, and any relevant other relevant information. 
  • Include social media handles and your website in your boilerplate, too.

Once you complete your release, proof it. A poorly written release with grammatical errors, typos, and lack of clarity will only make it as far as the trash can. And it will reflect poorly on your church. 

As you create your distribution list, only include specific people or media organizations that cover the topic. Don’t send it to multiple people in the same organization. Remember to add your releases to your church website on the release date. After you send your release, be ready and available to receive calls. If you don’t receive calls from your distribution list, be prepared to follow up. If you have a compelling story to share with the media, they will be interested in talking to you.

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