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Santa’s not the only one with a list

This weekend I attended the “Deck the Halls” event in Waco, TX, with my sister put on by her Junior League. Although it is just past Halloween, I had not really thought about Christmas yet. Well, I am now in the Christmas spirit. The beautiful sounds of carols were sung and played, trees and ornaments were displayed throughout the convention center, and the children even did Christmas crafts. Since part of the gathering is all of the different shops, I started making my list. I checked it more than twice! As a nod to current day, I found myself making my list on my phone instead of with a pen and paper.
I felt a little indulgent with the shopping I did throughout the different stores. I had to remind myself, it was all gifts that I was just getting now even though the Calendar had not turned to December. It’s really not too early to start getting ready, though. I love the idea of doing the shopping now – I love to buy for others, but I don’t like the “stress” of the season. As a faith based community, we do all want to stay focused on the true Reason for the Season. I know all of our clients have already been making their lists for December. It is such a joyous time in the church but also a busy time. You have to start early to plan and coordinate all of the events and details. You will be hanging the greens in just a few weeks!
I encourage you to do whatever you can to prepare ahead of time. Think of what can be done and needs to be done in the software for this time of year. Make your list and check it twice! Look through the Constant Contact holiday designs for any festive templates for special communications. Make sure your published calendars are up to date. Set up any special events that need to allow for sign ups. Create any special holiday funds for Online Giving. Gather a list of scripture and seasonal thoughts to share via your Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the holidays. Make sure your graphics for your Check-In and Website are ready to go. I know the list goes on and on of all that needs to be done to prepare for December.
I know we frown open the commercialism starting so early, but perhaps we can share the joy of the season early as well. Can I go ahead and start listening to my music?

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