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Go Prune Yourself – Doing More by Doing Less

Apple has the above sign in their offices. We don’t always need more. Sometimes, we need less. Prune yourself before God prunes you.
People are always trying to get us to try new things. New software packages, work out programs, books, and conferences flood our TV’s and inboxes. We don’t lack for new ideas. People are drowning in innovation and are grasping for simpler lives.
We live this at ACS Technologies. We love it.  We make things simpler and more convenient for those doing ministry. That’s our job. We innovate because we love to make quality products that make ministry happen.
As individuals, we can struggle with wanting more. The truth is sometimes we don’t need more; we need less. We need to do what we are doing well. Many of the things we are currently doing will work when we follow-through on our good intentions. We must continue to apply ourselves to finishing the race. We can tweak them, we can adjust them, but we don’t need to live in a cycle of constant redirection.
Coveting is trusting in something “more” than God. Coveting is a pretty big sin … it even made the big ten. God doesn’t like it at all. He calls it idolatry.  We don’t need more things or ideas; we need more follow-through.
Sometimes, there’s more power in saying “no” than in saying “yes.” Our ministries can be cluttered with good intentions and programs that seem essential. The clutter holds us down. We exhaust our bodies, resources, and families with constant streams of activity. 
Here’s a challenge. 
Prune yourself. A pruned tree bears fruit. Stop doing something. Scratch something out. Get rid of clutter. Give yourself larger margins. Take a sabbath. Rest.

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