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Looking Back: Counting your Wins and Losses for 2016

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As 2016 winds down, it is natural to look back over the year and evaluate both the good and the bad, both personally and professionally. Most of us started 2016 with goals and  intentions, things we wanted to accomplish and achieve. As we look back and consider the past year it is healthy to count our wins and admit our losses.
I like to think of it like looking in the rear view mirror. What you see in a rear view mirror is just a small piece of the whole picture. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but you can see enough to remember. Hopefully, it is far enough in the past to evaluate the memory with perspective and not pain. We all have experienced failures or losses during the past year. There are things we wish we could go back and do over again. There is power in learning from our failures and using that wisdom in moving forward.
“Looking back and learning will enable you to move forward.” – Eileen Brown
This perspective can help us as we set goals for 2017. Looking back gives us greater direction for looking forward. When we consider goals we accomplished it helps us feel empowered to set even greater goals. Instead of repeating mistakes or even just remaining stagnant we want to take new ground and move forward. By counting our wins from 2016 we can challenge ourselves to do even greater things.

As important as it is to not repeat mistakes we made during the past year, it is equally important to push ourselves to achievement and growth in new areas in our lives. A great way to end the year is by asking yourself these 5 pointed questions.

1) What in my personal  life and my professional life am I proud of from this past year?

2) What do I wish I had the opportunity to do over again, because I know I could have done it better?

3) What discipline or healthy habit do I want to continue in the new year?

4) What do I need to let go of or stop doing in the new year?

5) What is one discipline I should begin practicing in 2017?

As we begin the process of making resolutions and setting goals for 2017, the first thing we need to do is look back at 2016. Counting our wins and assessing our losses can be a powerful way to determine direction and perspective for the year ahead.
“All rim, no net. Don’t let the shot you missed block the one you haven’t taken.” – Bob Goff
Which of the 5 questions above resonates most with you today?

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