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Team Member Spotlight

acs technologies employee brandon

This week we are going to our eLearning department to introduce you to Brandon. Brandon has been on the team as Media Production Specialist since 2018.

Brandon is from a small town in northern Iowa about 30 minutes from Minnesota but now resides in Florence. His ideal Saturday is traveling to see new places along the coast, seeking adventure, checking out places where films and tv shows have been filmed, being creative, and just spending time with friends. Currently, Brandon is learning how to animate in Cinema4D.  It takes animation to a whole new level of technical abilities. I’m also studying the principles of what made animation great for hand drawn artists like those that worked for Disney. Besides video production Brandon is passionate about music. He loves going to concerts and collecting vinyl records. If he could live anywhere it would be Charleston. Being from the midwest seeing the ocean was something he didn’t experience very often until moving to South Carolina. How could you not love Palmetto trees and Spanish moss?!?

Let’s check out what his typical workday looks like, why he loves working for ACST, and his driving passion for the Church. 

What does a typical day look like at ACST for you?

A typical day at ACST consists of creating content for MinistrySmart. I work with the Learning Experience Designers to craft the visual side of the content. Some days that means going on location and filming the videos you see in courses, or I’m back behind my computer editing those same videos and creating graphics.

What do you love most about working at ACST?

I love working at ACST because of the great people I work with. The community here is strong and people are there for you beyond work. The work is constantly evolving and provides a new challenge to solve. The best part is providing content that helps  churches overcome whatever obstacle they are facing and keeping them moving so they can accomplish the vision they have as a church

What is your driving passion for the Church?

For me, being part of a church is so important because for some people that’s the only family they have, being part of a community of believers that are there to support each other and help grow towards God. I serve at church on the production team, so that means picking up a camera, directing, running ProPresenter, lighting design, or mixing sound.

rewarding careers at acs technologies

Being an ACS Technologies Team Member means being part of a family that works hard, plays hard, and always has your back. We love the church! Our passion is to enable churches of all sizes and shapes to build the Kingdom. We are always looking for just the right person to join our team to help us do this even better. If you’re interested in a rewarding career that really makes a difference in people’s lives, click here to read current positions available. If you don’t find just the right one, we encourage you to send in your resume/bio anyway because you never know what’s next as we’re growing all the time.

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