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Blog » Small Events Big Impact: Analyze Your Event

Small Events Big Impact: Analyze Your Event

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From planning and organizing volunteers to streaming your event and checking in those who attended, you worked hard to make sure your event was enjoyable. But now, you want to see just how successful it truly was and make plans for the next event. With Realm, you can analyze your event to see a true picture of your success and forecast your needs moving forward. Let’s look at a few ways you can answer the big questions after your event.

How was event attendance?

The first sign of a successful event is attendance. How many people registered and attended your event? When looking at your registration event in Realm, you can see a full listing of registrants and the total number of all who registered (including guests). You can also use the predefined report for attendance to see those who attended the event if you used check-in or marked attendance.

How much money did we raise through event registration?

Event registration is a great way to raise funds for your ministry, and sharing how much was raised through your event encourages your congregation to continue being involved for great causes. Realm gives you predefined reports that help you see just how much your event took in through registrations. You can also see if there are any outstanding payments that are still needed. 

Were we prepared with enough volunteers?

We can all agree that volunteers are critical to the success of any event. This is why you want to take the time to see how many volunteers you had for your event. When you use Realm Check-in or mark attendance for your volunteers, you can see who served on the Attendance tab in that serving team. This allows you to talk with those involved with the event and see if you had too little, too many, or the perfect number of volunteers in each role needed so you can refine recruitment efforts in the future.

By analyzing your event using Realm, you can measure your success and plan for future events more effectively. 

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