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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Leverages Realm to Manage Volunteers and Events

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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church uses Realm to maintain volunteers, groups, and registration events. Megan Wyman has been the Executive Assistant to the Rector for two years and has been using Realm for even longer. Implementing Realm at her previous church gave her the knowledge and experience to encourage St. Luke’s to upgrade from ACS People Suite to Realm.

Megan used almost all of the features within Realm in her previous role but now focuses primarily on Volunteer Management. She praises how easy it is to use and the ability to break down the roles as detailed as she needs. With as many volunteer roles as they have, it is straightforward to drop someone out of one role without affecting the other roles in which they serve.

Megan also has received good feedback from her volunteers, including how they like being able to see the other people in their volunteer teams. 

“I’ve had people mention that it feels like a real team effort when they can see the big schedule and drill down to see who they are working with on a particular shift. They can see everyone who’s working together to make a Sunday happen. It’s a good feeling of camaraderie to see that all together.”

– Megan Wyman, Executive Assistant to the Rector at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 

Parishioners are also starting to adapt to the new feature of self-scheduling for volunteer shifts, making her job much easier. 

Megan feels the most important feature every new Realm user should utilize is profile fields; collecting as much as possible on their parishioners makes reporting, groups, and event registration much easier.

Another tool that St. Luke’s uses heavily in Realm is Event Registration for free events as well as paid events. They have recently started linking Registration fields to profile fields so that when a parishioner registers, a lot of the required information, like emergency contact, fills in automatically. It makes things easier for the registrant and staff monitoring the event.

Realm has made keeping up with parish members and their families much more manageable, which makes Volunteer Management and Event Registration more efficient.

To learn more about St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, click HereTo learn more about Realm from ACS Technologies, click Here

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