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The Grinch…

It’s one of my favorite times of the year – time for the Grinch!  Today is our annual R&D Christmas luncheon, and I always pull out my Grinch tie.  I’m not really the Grinch, only as far as December still being a time for us to continue to work on product development in addition to the holidays.  We do have a good bit of celebrating corporately, though.
Last Friday night we had our company party which is for the entire family of employees.  This year we gathered at a local movie theatre.  The kids had their picture taken with Santa, got popcorn, and everyone watched a holiday movie.  As the children left, they discovered Santa had left them behind a present.
Today, we gather to celebrate around food that everyone has brought, especially the Sardis, SC style barbeque.  In keeping with the spirit of giving, along with the entire company, the department has gathered toys to give for multiple children in need this season as well.
And Santa, all I really want this Christmas is a Ruby on Rails developer.  Any elves got any resumes to send me? Oh, and congress and President Obama would you please decide on federal tax changes for 2012 before 2012 actually starts!


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