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What is PocketPlatform?

What is PocketPlatform

When it comes to connecting and engaging with your membership and community, there are so many ways to be successful. It happens during worship, events, group meetings, and more. However, how do you know if you’re truly connecting and engaging with people? Or are your messages simply getting lost in all the noise of life? 

One way to ensure your membership and community are connecting with your message is by creating tailored content for specific audiences. That might seem like a daunting task, but it’s rather simple when given the right tools. 

Ministries all over the country are using PocketPlatform, the mobile app built in association with MinistryPlatform, to manage all the communication and engagement needs of their growing ministry. Let’s take a look at how PocketPlatform and MinistryPlatform can transform how you build relationships with your ministry.

Designed for MinistryPlatform Churches

A key difference between PocketPlatform and the vast multitude of other mobile tools for ministry is that PocketPlatform was designed to work specifically with MinistryPlatform. While other church management software (ChMS) solutions offer loose integrations or no integrations, PocketPlatform was built from the ground up for MinistryPlatform users. This means you’ll get the most out of PocketPlatform. And you won’t have to worry about what integrates and what doesn’t. No more double-entry, or any of the other struggles with solutions not designed to work together.

Tailor Content for your Audience

If you’ve used other ChMS’s with mobile apps in the past, the experience is pretty much the same. Your membership or community logs in and sees EVERYTHING about your ministry; communications they’re not interested in, events that don’t appeal to them, and the list goes on. It’s communication overload and it only pushes them away. Luckily that’s not a problem for PocketPlatform.

Since PocketPlatform and MinistryPlatform are designed to work in tandem, you get to tailor communications for your specific audience. It does this by pushing important information back and forth between MinistryPlatform and PocketPlatform. From check-in reminders for events they’ve registered for to notifications about ministries they’re involved in, PocketPlatform allows ministries to customize messaging for any segment or audience that can be defined in MinistryPlatform.

It’s Not Just for Your Membership

PocketPlatform may be a mobile tool designed to be used by your membership and community, but your leaders will find real value in it too. When ministries connect PocketPlatform with MinistryPlatform, pastoral care teams, deacons, lay leaders, and any other leadership can gain access to important information needed to shepherd your congregation. 

From access to reports about changes in login behaviors to tracking activities and usage, leaders can be notified of changes so they can stay on top of how their congregation is engaging with their ministry. Additionally, you’ll be providing an entry point for mobile giving. Live streaming of services. Event and group calendars, and more… along with a branded app that speaks the value of your ministry. 

To learn more about how MinistryPlatform and PocketPlatform, can help you reach more members and those in your community, check out our ACS Technologies website for more information.

Whitney joined ACS Technologies in 2017 and is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in the market department. Prior to ACST, Whitney worked at Blackbaud for 11 years in various roles focusing on churches and other non-profits.

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