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What is Higher Ground?

Higher Ground, Inc. is an industry leader in technology integration, network design, and systems support for largely non-profit organizations. Our clients include churches of all sizes, schools, missions organizations, and denominational headquarters. We also do work for businesses ranging from accounting and law firms to medical offices, manufacturing companies, and landscapers. We have partnered with cutting-edge technology companies to provide our clients with the highest level of knowledge and service available.

What services do you provide?

At Higher Ground, we will meet your needs by designing our services around you. Whether you are looking for someone to perform a system migration, host a website, or design the network infrastructure for a new campus, we can provide the expertise you need. We provide several hosting services, including email, web, DNS, and spam filtering. We also have an automated internet backup service that provides safe, secure storage to give you a lifeline for your mission-critical data in case of an emergency.

For a more complete list of services, please see our Services page. If you would like services customized for your company, please contact Higher Ground.

We have an IT Department. Why do we need outside help?

Your IT Department is trained and staffed to keep your network running. Chances are they are already working a lot of nights and weekends just maintaining the status quo. When it comes to major changes, your IT Department does not have the time or specialized training necessary to complete a migration project without neglecting something else. At Higher Ground, we have highly trained engineers specializing in everything from network security to project management. We have the in-depth product knowledge required to design and install your new hardware or application, so your IT Department can go about their job of keeping your users productive and happy.

Why should we pay for a monthly contract? Isn’t it cheaper to just pay someone when something breaks?

Your network is critical to your business, whether you are a large multi-national corporation or a small-town church. When it runs well, you don’t even notice it is there. When it has problems, you are in a panic. Most companies rely on this panic to make their money. As long as you want it fixed yesterday, you will pay whatever it takes to make it work again. Since they are charging an hourly rate, it is to their advantage for your network to break often.

We believe your network should stay invisible. When we take on a new contract customer, we unleash a battery of automatic network monitoring equipment. Our servers are constantly checking the health of your servers. We also have a team of technicians who manually check your servers for problems on a weekly basis. If we find anything wrong, either through automatic or manual checks, we will do whatever it takes to fix the problem. Our goal is to have a problem fixed before you know it is a problem. Some months you may not have a single problem, but if you call us a hundred times, it is covered under the contract, and someone is always on call after business hours to handle an emergency. With this approach, it is to our advantage for your network to work flawlessly at all times.