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Answer His call to lead with specialized
ministry solutions.

Solid leadership is the foundation of your ministry’s success. ACS Technologies (ACST) provides leaders with access to rich community analytics, in-depth reports, multiple types of giving to support your goals, and so much more.

Make better ministry decisions with detailed analytics.

Making God-honoring decisions in your ministry is no small task. ACST provides church, parish, diocese, and denominational office leadership with detailed metrics for analyzing all aspects of ministry health. From giving and pledge dashboards to in-depth reporting for events or group involvement and more, ACS Technologies equips leaders with the tools they need to bring change to their ministry.

Provide convenient and modern ways to give.

Providing multiple ways to donate is key to a thriving ministry. ACST offers various giving methods for churches, parishes, and diocesan and denominational offices to reach anyone in their ministry or community. Giving is available through mobile, online, and text giving, custom online giving and pledge forms, and more. Best of all, ACST’s giving solutions integrate back into your choice of church management solution to minimize error and double entry.

Reach and engage those in your church and community.

Ministry leaders often struggle to find ways to engage with their members coupled with the duty to reach more in their community. ACST provides leadership with needed tools to reach both audiences, such as custom website solutions, worship and event streaming, community analytics and demographics tools, and more.

What Church Leaders Love

Solutions for Church Leaders

ministryplatform logo

Information is collected daily in your church: member details, small groups, tithes.  MinistryPlatform offers you the most robust, flexible platform built to manage all of your church’s data in one location. Customize the experience and data structure to your church’s needs while choosing what information is available for small groups and leaders.

Realm - Church Management Software Solution by ACS Technologies

Realm puts the most important tools for ministry all under one roof. It’s one place where staff can perform all their administrative and accounting tasks. It’s the one place where pastors can access all their church analytics or communication tools. And it’s one place where everyone can sign in to stay informed, be connected, and focus on multiplying your ministry.

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Uncovers the demographics and socioeconomics that provide you a deeper understanding of the people in your church and community. Backed by Experian, U.S. Census data, and ACS Technologies proprietary study sources, MissionInsite will help you make sound decisions and bolster confidence in your planning for the future.