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Ministry Implementation

Hands on assistance from people with years of ministry experience.

Implementation starts with your ideas and questions, then designs a solution that fits your needs. Through concentrated phases of work with you and your staff, we'll plan, install and launch a successful solution for your organization. We'll even prepare you to use the software effectively as well as improve your processes and our products wherever an enhancement is possible. But it doesn’t end there, we’ll review and consult on your software and processes and make sure that you always have a solution that creates impact.

The Implementation team can consult with you to:

  • Determine what software and equipment is best for you
  • Design a customized training plan to meet your objectives
  • Design a customized plan to get the message out to your organization
  • Make sure that your chosen solution integrates seamlessly with the management of all your facilities
  • Train and demonstrate how to get the most from your solution
  • Launch your solution easily and successfully

Basically, we do church consulting that will ensure your ministry ideas are implemented and your staff has the training they need to be successful.

“The ACS Technologies Consulting Team is our partner in ministry. The team ensures that the technology works for the church and its unique mission and not the other way around.”

— John, Plymouth Church, NY

Tap Into Our Expertise

The Implementation team is comprised of experienced pastors, ministers and church business administrators. They know that every church has unique needs and never lose sight of your ministry idea. All of our experts have a comprehensive knowledge of all ACS Technologies products and services, and they know what it takes to make your ministry work. Think of them as members of your team, people you can rely on to enable your church to achieve bigger and better things.

Hands-on Assistance

Our Implementation Consultants serve as the primary contact point for the status of projects and the deployment of specific service resources for the project. Their primary functions include:

  • Project Plan Development
  • Project Scope Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Communications Management
  • Resource Coordination

Example Project Ideas
  • Start a fundraising program.
  • Make your website the first place people go to find out about our church.
  • Set up a process that makes it easier to track funds and see who is donating.

How it Works

Listening is key to the Implementation process. The first thing our team does when taking on a new project is finding out about the background of your facility and what your staff and leadership envision for the future — only then can we begin to design a solution that will work for you.


The Implementation Consultants will look at the goals, needs, and processes of your organization and work with you to develop the best solution. There are no set solution packages; every solution is customized to work with your goals and ideas, making your package unique to your needs.


We can help you come up with a plan for introducing your new solution to your church and church staff. We'll recommend a training plan to help your team learn the most effective ways to gather and use your data, and we'll work with you to identify new processes, implement several modules simultaneously, and brainstorm new marketing strategies.


All ACS software and equipment that your solution needs will be installed by us. We’ll make sure all ACS software fits your needs, including setting up user rights, options, and lists. A complete data conversion package is included in your consultation solution.


Training for your staff and any users in your organization to use your ACS software and equipment effectively is available through Implementation. This could include the use of one-on-one web event sessions, an onsite visit from a certified trainer, training school classes, or online courses.


Implementation ensures your new solution successfully launches, and your church staff is aware of the new software and processes in place and knows how to use them.

Follow Up

We’ll review your software and processes after you have begun using them. If there is anything that can be improved or any extra consultancy needed, we’ll be there to take care of it. Our goal is to make sure that we take your ideas, identify your needs and implement the best solution to create the impact that is right for you.

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